AmyDV, Imagine Communications and Siemens work together for OTT Services Monetization

The current appetite for viewing video content at any time and on any device is nearly insatiable. Consumers crave — and will pay for — a compelling and personalized television experience. Imagine Communications and Siemens Convergence Creators have teamed up to provide content owners and video service providers (VSPs) with everything they need to satisfy these cravings and maximize the revenue potential of their OTT video services.


Watch this webinar to learn how to put this all-in-one OTT solution to work to deliver second-to-none linear, VOD and cloud DVR services, all supported by a variety of monetization options – from subscription to dynamic ad insertion.

Watch the webinar.

Expect to learn:

  • How Siemens’ Smart Video Engine integrates seamlessly with Imagine’s CloudXtream media and ad-delivery solutions to provide VSPs with the most comprehensive OTT monetization toolkit available
  • Best-in-class practices for launching OTT services, delivering the performance and personalization that today’s subscribers demand
  • Step-by-step guidelines to help even modest-size VSPs significantly increase revenue and realize a rapid return on their investment

«Imagine Communications and Siemens are both innovators and manufacturers of the solutions used and not integrators of 3rd party technologies. This provides customers with a rare advantage of a homogenous solution that is ahead of the competition” said David Chalkidis, Head of AmyDV which represents these solutions to the local market.

A respresentative of the solution will be visiting Athens, Greece in the next weeks to communicate the technical and commercial advantages of the solution.







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