CueScript Presents U.S Debut of Innovative New Prompting Soultion for PTZ Cameras

CueScript will present the US debut of a unique, patent-pending mounting solution that removes the operational limitations of using a PTZ camera with a prompter. In addition, the company will demonstrate the industry’s only complete IP-based prompting system, offering the ability to prompt from anywhere with a network connection.

PTZ cameras are commonly used across a wide range of productions and sectors. However, up to now, using a prompter with a PTZ camera has restricted the operational movement of the PTZ. CueScript has developed a unique patent-pending mounting system whereby the PTZ camera mounts upside down in the top of a specially designed prompter hood. By mounting the system this way the PTZ has greater movement in the shots it can achieve and it eliminates the need for expensive tripods, making the use of a lighting stand possible. Users are able to choose from a 15” – 19” LED display system.

Cuescript prompter
CueScript will also be demonstrating the world’s first complete IP-based prompting solution. The ‘CueiT’ prompting software has been designed and built on feedback from today’s broadcasters, offering greater flexibility, ease of use, and a shareware style allowing CueiT to be loaded onto every laptop/PC in the facility. The ‘CueB’ is the engine that offers connection via Ethernet or USB and the connectivity of near limitless scroll controllers that can also be connected over IP. The CueB produces a true HD-SDI prompting signal, as well as a composite video signal. Multiple CueB’s can run independently or simultaneously, and can be rack mounted in the C.A.R or anywhere in a studio complex.

CueScript provides true HD-SDI video outputs on the CueB and inputs/outputs on its CSM Monitor range as standard.

“We pride ourselves on continually innovating in practical ways to solve our customers’ broadcasting challenges,” said Michael Accardi, President, CueScript. “With growing demand for IP workflows, we have developed the CueiT and CueB that fit seamlessly into an IP broadcasting environment. As more people turn to PTZ cameras, we have worked out an ingenious way to fit them with prompting units. As a small and agile company, our customers know we will meet technical challenges like these with speed, creativity and relish.”

CueScript will present these and a range of its other leading prompting solutions on Booth C10618 at NAB 2017.





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