PBT EU and Profuz Digital join forces to launch “LAPIS” at IBC2016

PlayBox Technology EU (PBT EU) is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with Toronto-based software company Profuz Digital Inc., developer of the LAPIS business process and information management system. LAPISstreamlines disparate data related tasks, such as communications, project management and media management, into a single highly customisable “dashboard”. From this single system, the user can efficiently search and manage resources that were previously spread across independent communications, workflow, storage and sharing platforms.   As global distributor, PBT EU will introduce at IBC the revolutionary concepts behind LAPIS.
Broadcast Diagram_Profuz LAPIS
All modern companies work with a multitude of systems to process their day-to-day data. They have email clients and video conferencing programs for communications, spreadsheets and calendars for project management, media sharing and cloud solutions for distribution and collaboration, as well as databases for customer relationship management and storage systems for visual and audio media. LAPIS brings the control of all these systems under one roof, ensuring massively increased operational efficiency, much simpler corporate learning curves and removal of manual processes that are prone to human error.
For broadcasters, production and post production companies, LAPIS seamlessly integrates media asset management functions with editing platforms and video sharing websites.
It simplifies distributing and sharing large files and allows the creation of flexible and secure collaborative workflows.



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