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XenData Unveils Amazon Cloud Storage Support

XenData announces that it will be showcasing a broad range of digital video archiving solutions and enhanced connectivity at this year’s IBC 2014, including the debut of its new multi-archive solution for Amazon Cloud, Sony ODA and LTO as well as a new low-cost archive solution for Avid Projects. The solutions on display will include: …

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New XenData LTO Archive Solution Scales to Over 1 PB

XenData, the leading provider of LTO archive solutions to the media and entertainment industry, today announces the release of the SXL-5000, a high performance scalable LTO archive that is designed for video applications. The SXL-5000 base model has 210 TB of near-line LT O capacity and scales to 1.18 PB. This is the equivalent of …

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XenData Launches the SX-525 Server Cluster for High Availability LTO Archives

XenData announced the launch of the SX-525, an LTO archive server cluster for high availability that scales to provide multiple Petabytes of near-line LTO storage. The new XenData SX-525 supports one or more LTO libraries connected via fibre channel and includes two servers running Windows Server 2012 in a clustered configuration with a fully redundant …

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XenData Launches New Range of LTO Network Attached Archive Systems

XenData today announces the release of the SXL range of LTO archive systems. These are based on XenData’s SX-10 archive appliance and LTO-6 drives or robotic LTO-6 libraries. They connect to a 1 GigE network and make writing to and restoring from LTO as easy as writing to network attached disk storage. There are five …

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XenData Announces LTO-6 Support

XenData has announced its immediate support for LTO-6, offering more storage capacity per tape cartridge as well as faster transfer speeds. The XenData portfolio of LTO archive appliances and servers, the SX-10 and SX-500 Series, now work with LTO-6 drives and tape libraries from a wide range of manufacturers including HP, IBM, Oracle, Qualstar, Quantum, …

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New XenData Online Archive Stores Video Files on both RAID and LTO-5

XenData’s new solution provides up to 140 TB of usable RAID capacity optimized for professional digital video applications. It also delivers strong data protection as all files are automatically written to both RAID and LTO-5 data tape. Additionally, files that are rarely accessed may be moved offline to free up space on RAID. The XOA-20 …

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