Teleport STN expands Channel Distribution Services with 100 EXEcutor Broadcast Servers from PBTEU

Global teleport STN has further expanded its service capabilities using PlayBox Technology Europe’s (PBTEU) EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers. STN provides secure and reliable end to end service distribution solutions for broadcast and media organisations offering solutions that allow its customers to expand their channels in whatever direction they choose, whether it be for an individual region or to build a global distribution network.
PBTEU‘s EXEcutor™ Broadcast Servers offer a highly robust and dependable backbone, able to deliver a complete “TV Channel-in-a-Box”, or be configured to offer any combination of component services, using world-renowned PlayBox software capable of delivering efficient, scalable, stable and flexible production pipelines.
STN’s CTO Tomaz Lovsin says, “Today’s channel-in-a-box solutions are as sophisticated as ever and offer a play-out facility with a myriad of elegant and simple solutions that ultimately serve the channel and enhance the viewer’s experience at the same time. Here at STN we want to offer our clients playout services that ensure quality, reliability and easy accessibility and this why we use PBTEU’s solutions.”
Tomaz expands on why he chose PBTEU’s technology, to advance operations at STN, “The ongoing technical development and excellent service support available from PBTEU are just two key drivers for our constant expansion of the systems. PBTEU playout solutions have also proven to be very popular with our clients as it not only meets their technical requirements which includes a variety of graphics, but it is also cost effective and user-friendly. It is for these reasons,  in conjunction with STN’s secure service facility with 24/7 customer care, that as of today we have grown our PBTEU client base to 100 servers of which more than 50% are HD. With clients from all around the world and a growing daily interest in this system, we here at STN have no doubts that we will continue to build on our already impressive volume of channels using the current and technically evolving PBTEU solutions.”
Vladimir Stanic, General Manager at PBTEU says, “STN’s vast experience of the market and commitment has made them a trusted partner to hundreds of successful channels across the world. We value our long standing relationship with STN and are proud to support STN’s abilities to seamlessly accommodate demand for increasing channel turnaround or time-dependent projects. PBTEU along with STN’s cutting edge technology simplifies the most complex requirements for industry professionals.”



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