64-bit Lightworks and Lightworks for Linux

Lightworks is taking the editing community by storm, with over a quarter of a million downloads since the Lightworks Beta program was announced. With the full Windows release of Lightworks due on the 28th of May, EditShare has chosen NAB 2012 to reveal for the first time that it is working on a 64-bit version of Lightworks and a Linux version of this lightning-fast editing system. Working technology previews will be shown to NAB visitors.

64-bit Lightworks
The 64-bit version of Lightworks will allow users to obtain the maximum possible performance from their computer hardware, as well as providing the best environment for editing with Long-GOP codecs.

64-bit will be a free upgrade for Lightworks Pro users and will be available as soon as possible after the release of Lightworks.

Lightworks for Linux
Lightworks has been completely re-architected to make it easier to port to multiple operating systems, with the Linux version being the first non-Windows version to be shown by EditShare, Lightworks will be the only tri-platform professional NLE and will allow users of multiple operating systems to enjoy the benefit of Lightworks’ lightning-fast workflow. Although this is a technology preview, progress is expected to be rapid and announcements will follow in due course.

James Richings, MD, EditShare EMEA said:
“We’re delighted to be showing real, working demonstrations of Lightworks 64-bit and Lightworks for Linux, because it demonstrates our long-term commitment to this fantastic project and community. With this new technology and with our new Multicore Media Engine, we’re pushing many boundaries and opening Lightworks to anyone who wants to edit content.”





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