About us

We have been involved with professional video online, informing video enthusiasts since 2002. Our editors have been reporting on the subject of video since 1997 in magazines and special publications. Videomag.gr is a privately owned entity, independent from any outside corporate interests.

In today’s constantly evolving world of broadcast and video in general, the growing need for professionals and amateurs alike, for a multi-angle approach to information gathering was the inspiration behind the foundation of videomag.gr. Continuous and specialized information are the reasons we have chosen our on-line medium. Through our pages, our readers are informed daily about the latest technological developments in television and cinematographic production.

With our constant presence in the most important exhibitions and conferences in Europe, as well as in all the events taking place in Greece, we have been successful in building a solid foundation of knowledge and experience, elements which reflect the significance of our webpage content. Through our cooperation with major companies in the industry, as well as our direct communication with manufacturers abroad, we are successful in acquiring first-hand information.

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