Actus Gives Broadcasters and Media Agencies Advanced Media Capture and Repurposing Capabilities

Actus Digital is showcasing new media ingest technology at the Broadcast Asia 2012 exhibition, held in Singapore from June 19–22. The new features are part of the company’s popular Actus View solution, powered by the enterprise Actus 4 Monitoring and Analysis platform.

Ingest Media — Whether It Is a Clip, Camera Recording, or Tape
In addition to supporting both 24/7 and scheduled recordings, the new Actus capabilities provide support for ingesting media from other resources, including content from a field camera or clips downloaded directly to the desktop. The new ingest capabilities let customers view content, add metadata and utilize it as if the content had been recorded directly into Actus. “This is a significant breakthrough for Actus. The new ingest feature lets customers ingest any file and manage it as if it was recorded live from a feed by the Actus system,” says Asaf Salant, Sales Manager, Actus Digital. “The ability to ingest any ‘outside’ third-party media to the system is now fully available. Once ingested, the full range of the system’s features is usable on the ingested media: monitoring, tagging, annotating, searching, clipping, and repurposing. Actus is much more than a compliance and competitive analysis solution. Actus is a cost-effective content management system ideal for repurposing your content.”

The standard broadcast automation workflow has increased the amount of content stored on and played out from video servers. Actus’ new ingest capability monetizes broadcasters’ ability to monitor and analyze such content. Salant adds, “As broadcasters transfer thousands of hours of tape to compressed, digital hard-disk storage, they look for ingest tools like Actus’ that can handle more than one type of recording workflow.”

Transport Stream Monitoring
Actus offers Actus View as a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution for recording and archiving linear broadcasts. Advanced content extraction and monitoring tools simplify and improve workflows, allowing users to share content with others — thus offering great return on investment.

Actus View offers complete support of transport streams (ASI/IP/DVB) logging, including recording multiple audio tracks and/or multiple subtitles. Users can seamlessly export and stream MPEG TS or low-resolution proxies with the relevant audio and/or subtitles.

Record Transport Stream (TS), also saving the TS in its original format (“as-is”)Record multiple audio and multiple subtitles (DVB, Teletext, Imitext, etc.)Save the media in any bitrate required: from low quality up to full HD





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