Akamai Integrates Adobe Primetime to Increase Reach and Scale of Online Video Advertising

Akamai Technologies, Inc. today announced the integration of Adobe Primetime ad insertion capabilities into its network in an effort to simplify and improve the way online video ads are delivered. The server-side advertising offering is designed to combine the scale of Akamai’s global CDN with the reach of Adobe Primetime and its ad insertion technology.

Red Bull Media House and Turner Broadcasting are already in the early stages of trialing the new solution as part of a technology preview.

“The quality of the content Red Bull Media House produces and delivers is intrinsically connected to its value,” said Andi Gall CTO, Red Bull Media House. “The collaboration with Akamai and Adobe simplifies online video ad delivery, and helps Red Bull Media House effectively monetize its content across platforms and devices.”

Akamai and Adobe have a history of successful collaboration on some of the world’s largest online events to date, including Super Bowls, the Olympics, World Cup and March Madness among many others. Having played critical roles in bringing online video to ubiquity, the companies are now leveraging their collective experience and expertise to help simplify advertising across devices and platforms.

Server-side ad insertion, in which advertisements are stitched into content at the network level, is intended to offer numerous benefits to advertisers, content providers and consumers, including:

  • Monetization opportunities of TV content on any screen, in any format, with any ad decision technology– Publishers who rely on advertising revenue must be confident that their content and ads will play across an increasingly fragmented landscape of connected devices. This helps ensure access to larger audiences and creates more revenue opportunities through a scalable dynamic advertising solution that is built upon proven technologies.
  • Reliability and limitless scale for linear broadcast-size television audiences – Akamai’s support for Adobe Primetime ad insertion is designed to ensure a quality viewing experience. The solution can match bitrates between programming and advertisements within a single stream to create smooth transitions among pieces of content across larger audience and device footprints.
  • Increased device reach with faster time to market – Server-side ad insertion abstracts from the player to the network many resource-intensive processes such as code stitching and session initiation. This process helps to reduce the complexities involved in reaching a fragmented array of connected devices and is designed to facilitate faster time to market for new devices.
  • Improved viewing experiences and resiliency to ad blocking – Lessening the burden of processing power placed upon the video player and device can reduce the risk of buffering, helping to lead to better viewer experiences, higher engagement and lowering the potential for abandonment and negative brand association. Delivering content and advertisements as an individual stream from the server can also help mitigate vulnerabilities to ad blocking software.
  • Enhanced operational visibility through analytics – Integrating the ad insertion and content delivery functions allows for a clearer, deeper view of advertisement performance metrics such as plays, engagement and video quality to support improved reporting and troubleshooting capabilities.

“This solution is designed to help address the longstanding challenges of scale and reach with online video advertising,” said Troy Snyder, vice president of Ecosystem/executive producer, Akamai. “We believe integrating Adobe’s digital ad insertion capabilities onto the Akamai network introduces nearly infinite scale to deliver ads to broadcast-size viewing audiences on a vast range of devices, which can open up new opportunities to monetize content across screens.”

“Consumers expect flawless TV experiences regardless of the device they are using to watch their favorite content – live or on-demand,” said Jeremy Helfand, vice president, Video Solutions, Adobe. “The integration of our ad insertion capabilities into the leading CDN network ensures that broadcasters and pay-TV service providers deliver seamless ad experiences as millions of consumers start accessing their pay-TV content online.”

Beta availability is scheduled for the second quarter of 2015 with general availability expected to follow in the third quarter.

Akamai and Adobe will be exhibiting at the 2015 NAB Show in Las Vegas, April 13 – 16. Representatives from both companies will be available to discuss the solution at Akamai Booth SL3325 and Adobe Booth SL5110. Akamai also plans to demonstrate the solution as part of its exhibit.





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