AmberFin Introduces Cost-Effective, Professional Standard, Media Player

At NAB 2012 AmberFin will announce the introduction of a new fully featured, cost-effective, professional standard media player that can be easily integrated within existing broadcast-IT workflows.

Designated iCR Player, and taking the form of iCR software and an optional PC plug-in card, this enhanced file player provides a single point of operator interactivity for multiple workflows. Representing a significantly improved version of the existing iCR file player, this intuitive device offers characteristic AmberFin sophistication at an affordable price.

It provides users with new features such as segmentation workflow mark up and a generic metadata tool. Users can customise XML files that are consumed and created by iCR. Furthermore, users can build seamless MAM workflows via web services without having to programme AmberFin’s iCR system.

Using the system’s powerful feature set, users can construct simple workflows using configuration buttons to create workflow tasks.

Trust and confidence in your media assets
With high quality HD-SDI playback of all major formats from both local and shared storage, access to full broadcast grade monitoring and tools bring new levels of trust and confidence to a user’s media assets. All video, audio and data properties can be monitored through a single interface with full support for closed caption and ancillary data.

Designed at the outset for professional broadcast IT environments, full automation can be achieved through standard broadcast and IT protocols and methods. The player can also be connected to an edit controller to be used in slave mode for dubbing.





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