AMD Collaborates with Industry Leaders to Bring the Power of 4K to Video Production at IBC 2013

At this year’s IBC (International Broadcasting Convention), AMD is collaborating with outstanding industry leaders — Adobe, Autodesk, Blackmagic Design, Dell, Fusion-io, and Supermicro — to showcase video production workflows with a variety of 4K sources using AMD FirePro™ professional graphics1. These demonstrations feature compute- and graphics-intensive animation, display, and content creation supported by a host of creative hardware and software collaborations.

AMD is pleased to showcase ground breaking demonstrations at IBC 2013 powered by AMD FirePro graphics:

  • First public showing of real-time 4K color correction with Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 10 and Supermicro with multiple GPU support;
  • First implementation of edge blending, image warping, and color correction with Scalable Display solution based on AMD FirePro DOPP (Display Output Post-Processing) feature;
  • New Direct Graphics-Memory Access features for low-latency SDI input or output directly from AMD FirePro™ W-series graphics;
  • New Dell mobile workstation lineup with AMD FirePro graphics;
  • 4K color calibration, 2D / 3D video effects and post production using OpenCL™ in Adobe Premiere Pro CC;
  • Integrated stereo camera within Autodesk® 3ds Max® with support for Active Stereo;
  • OpenCL-accelerated Bullet Physics extension for Autodesk Maya 2014.

“The media and entertainment industry continues to embrace AMD FirePro professional graphics based on increased OpenCL acceptance and implementation. This year’s presence at IBC is a testament to how OpenCL applications with AMD FirePro professional graphics can support and enhance video production in 4K,” said David Cummings, senior director and general manager, Professional Graphics at AMD. “Our close collaborations with leaders including Adobe, Autodesk, Blackmagic Design, Dell, Fusion-io, and Supermicro offer video production professionals an amazing blend of hardware and software to make visually compelling content creation a reality.”

“With the new Extension for Autodesk 3ds Max 2014, Autodesk and AMD share the power of collaboration between software and hardware tool providers,” said Rob Hoffmann, senior product marketing manager, Autodesk Media & Entertainment. “The new 3ds Max extension with Stereo camera support gives added functionality enabling increased productivity to AMD FirePro users on Autodesk Subscription. Active Stereo is also available and only supported on AMD FirePro graphics cards. Artists can begin to take advantage of the new functionality for 3ds Max with AMD hardware to enable a broader set of tasks for creating exceptional content.”

“Additionally, the new enhancements to the Bullet Physics engine in the Extension for Autodesk Maya 2014 empower artists to create large-scale, highly-realistic dynamic and kinematic simulations,” said Hoffmann. “Plus AMD FirePro accelerates the Bullet plug-in, allowing for compound collision shapes from multiple meshes, additional collisions with concave shapes, along with rigid set support for increased scalability.”

“Dell is committed to giving professionals the speed, accuracy and reliability that their mission-critical projects demand with our Dell Precision M6800 and M4800 mobile workstations and AMD FirePro graphics,” said Andy Rhodes, executive director, Dell Precision Workstations. “AMD’s close relationships with leading software providers accelerates enablement of new features and exciting development platforms like OpenCL. Dell Precision workstations with AMD FirePro mobile graphics undergo thorough testing and certifications to ensure application performance and reliability and together help users produce higher quality work more quickly and efficiently.”

“The migration to 4K content requires production pipelines to be optimized with powerful application acceleration that unlocks the full potential of powerful workstation CPUs and GPUs like those from AMD,” said Vincent Brisebois, Fusion-io director of Visual Computing. “Easily integrated into workstations on the PCI-e bus, the Fusion ioFX works with AMD FirePro GPUs to remove bottlenecks and unleash responsive application performance. With the ioFX, studios and independent artists can finally work on uncompressed 4K and stereoscopic content interactively.”







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