Anton/bauer introduces new power solution for MACBOOK

Anton/Bauer will introduce the QRC-MBPA Gold Mount power solution for the Apple MacBookTM at the 2011 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Now, MacBook users who are on-location or working on remote productions can connect to longer-lasting battery options via the new QRC-MBPA.

When additional power is required and an AC wall adapter or adequate power source is not available, production and broadcast professionals using a MacBook, MacBook Pro and/or MacBook Air can employ their compatible Anton/Bauer power sources already on-hand with the QRC-MBPA Gold Mount power solution, which easily connects to the computer via Apple’s MagSafeTM Airline Adapter (sold separately). Not only does the QRC-MBPA allow for more battery options for MacBook but it also eliminates the need for users to purchase or carry additional extended life batteries. Instead, users can simply rely on their stock of Anton/Bauer HyTRON® 50, 100 and 140, and DIONIC®  90, 160, HC and HCX batteries. Conveniently, once the power on the Anton/Bauer battery is depleted, the computer seamlessly switches to its own internal battery without the loss of data.


“The QRC-MBPA demonstrates the virtually limitless versatility of our Gold Mount® System,” says Shin Minowa, vice president of marketing and business development. “The Gold-Mount offers Universal Applications that reach far beyond the camera, used on many types of portable non-camera equipment including monitors, scopes, microwave equipment and hard drives. The Gold Mount provides an interchangeable battery system using a forward compatible approach originally developed by Anton/Bauer that allows for new cell chemistries as they allow.”

The QRC-MBPA provides longer run-times* when operating higher-powered, demanding programs such as Final Cut Pro. For example, when using an Anton/Bauer compatible battery via the QRC-MBPA, the Macbook can run Final Cut Pro for approximately one hour and twenty minutes with a HyTRON 50; two hours and 45 minutes with a HyTRON 100;- three hours and 45 minutes with a HyTRON 140; two and half hours with a DIONIC 90; two and a half hours with a DIONIC HC; three hours and twenty minutes with a DIONIC HCX; and five hours with a DIONIC 160.




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