ARRI Introduces 120 fps High-Speed Recording

At IBC 2011, ARRI introduced a new High Speed recording feature for its ALEXA camera range that offers up to 120 fps in-camera recording with the Apple ProRes codec.

The new ALEXA High Speed mode, which will be available as a cost-effective licensed feature, preserves ALEXA’s renowned 14 stops of native dynamic range and exceptional image quality. It uses the same Super 35 sensor area as Regular Speed mode, offering the same cinematic shallow depth of field and the same angle of view for all lenses.

ProRes support is an essential element of ALEXA’s new 120 fps recording capability that – combined with ALEXA’s image and build quality – delivers a trustworthy solution for a digital capture market in which quality, ease of use and reliability are critical. ARRI’s integration with ProRes for ALEXA in-camera recording continues to be a unique solution within the industry.

ALEXA’s High Speed recording mode requires the use of SONY’s new SxS PRO 64 GB card (SBP-64A). ARRI currently ships SxS PRO 32 GB cards with its ALEXA camera system, and the new 64 GB card is built to the same tough reliability and environmental standards as its predecessor. ALEXA’s reputation for mission-critical in-camera recording is founded on choosing the best recording media possible, and SONY’s SxS PRO range uses memory technology that assures a high number of write cycles during which the card maintains its high write and read speeds. This is essential for dependable on-set use and offers a significant advantage over lower cost and less reliable SSD recording solutions.

The new SxS PRO 64 GB card also now allows recording of ProRes 4444 up to 60 fps (up to 40 fps with SxS PRO 32 GB card) without the need to purchase a High Speed license for ALEXA, offering an instant quality and performance boost to all customers. SxS PRO 64 GB cards are scheduled to be available through all ARRI sales channels from October 2011.





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