ASSIMILATE announces support for 64-bit THX cineSpace LUTs

ASSIMILATE, the leading provider of powerful post-production tools for digital workflows, today announced support within SCRATCH® Six and SCRATCH Lab™ for the latest release of THX® cineSpaceTM color management software for 64-bit operating systems.

THX cineSpace plug-ins are used by SCRATCH colorists at major DI post-production, visual effects and animation facilities worldwide to apply looks using THX cineSpace LUTs, and to establish end-to-end color pipelines. The THX cineSpace suite, which has been available to SCRATCH artists for many years, comprises several applications that work together to bring consistency to color-managed workflows: cineProfiler™ for accurate color matching, equalEyes™ for LUT modification, cinePlugins™ that deliver precise color preview on DI and compositing workstations, and cineCube Visual™ for building 3D calibration LUTs.

These color tools guarantee that SCRATCH artists can see how an image will appear in a wide range of target environments, including film projection, digital cinemas, plasma monitors, and LCD consumer displays. ASSIMILATE has worked closely with THX Ltd. to ensure that the new 64-bit plug-ins are tightly integrated within the 64-bit architecture of SCRATCH Six and SCRATCH Lab, giving artists optimal speed and performance.

“Colorists must have complete confidence in their color decisions, and THX cineSpace is the benchmark in providing them with highly-efficient LUT selection and display calibration,” said Miguel Ferros, director of product management at ASSIMILATE. “ASSIMILATE has marched in lockstep with THX for many years as it has advanced the THX cineSpace software suite. With the tight integration of the new 64-bit plug-ins within SCRATCH Six and SCRATCH Lab, our customers gain the rewards of even faster performance from these first-class toolsets.”

“ASSIMILATE is one of the most innovative companies in the digital intermediate field and its systems are used by leading facilities worldwide,” said Michael Chenery, senior color scientist, THX Ltd. “The new version of our THX cineSpace color management software is an excellent fit for the 64-bit SCRATCH systems. The combined toolsets give creative people the assurance of knowing that what they are seeing in the suite is truly what viewers will see in theaters and in home viewing environments. In addition, colorists can use THX cineSpace to generate ‘look LUTs’ and use them with SCRATCH to produce an overall consistent, unique look while applying subtle changes on a shot-by-shot basis.”

SCRATCH Six, the most comprehensive digital cinema imaging and workflow tool for digital post-production workflows, combines color grading, compositing and finishing in a single, consistent interface that maximizes both creativity and productivity.

SCRATCH Lab is the industry’s first and only comprehensive end-to-end digital lab system that brings review, versioning, conform, primary color grading, on-set digital dailies and deliverables all into one fast, intuitive application.






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