At IBC2015, Agama Launches SERIES 5, a New Generation Offering for Video Operations

Agama Technologies announced that it will be launching Agama SERIES 5, the next generation of its industry-leading solution for monitoring, assurance and analytics of service quality and customer experience at IBC2015


The aim of Agama SERIES 5 is to help operators streamline their processes by enabling informed decisions in everything from daily technical service operations and prioritisation, all the way through to how to package and market services. Agama

SERIES 5 enables a data-driven approach across the video operatorsorganisation and will be a vital cornerstone for operational efficiency and profitability.


The SERIES 5 evolves Agamas offering into a broader support solution for video operators. It has several innovative key characteristics that enable operators to work in a data-driven way across departments and workflows:

·      It offers a platform-based architecture enabling multiple applications across the operatorsorganisation to share enriched monitoring data. This architecture includes an application framework that adds the ability to deploy tailored, process specific, logic and visualisation applications, on top of the solution foundation. This allows for a broader and more process supporting usage for both traditional and new categories of users, such as operations, technical development, product management, customer care and analytics teams.

·         It provides massive performance scalability in terms of data collection, number of users of the solution and handled data volumes. This scalable and compartmentalised architecture can support even the largest video operators with hundreds of simultaneous users, massive report generation and data mining; and, handling of many millions of consumer viewing devices in real-time.

·         It further enhances the ability to efficiently integrate and co-exist with neighbouring systems in the operators solution stack. This includes importing third-party monitoring data, integrating with other OSS and BSS solutions; and, exporting enriched monitoring data for use by external applications.


With Agama SERIES 5, in combination with our extensive domain experience, we can support larger parts of an operators organisation,says Mikael Dahlgren, CEO at Agama Technologies.By making information that was previously confined to specific teams available to other users, in volume and adapted to their needs, we can enable great improvements in quality, efficiency and customer understanding across the video operator.


Johan Görsjö, Director of Product Management at Agama Technologies, adds:Were proud to launch Agama SERIES 5, which will add a solid foundation for continued development and expansion, modularity and openness to meet the needs of operators who want to implement an efficient and a data-driven way of working in their video operations both today and in the future. With the release of Version 5.0, weve implemented a platform and application model to allow for massive scalability and data processing, added a new Media Usage application and also reworked the user interface for improved usability and interaction.

Attendees of the industry trade show IBC2015 in Amsterdam (September 1115) can learn more and experience Agama SERIES 5 at the Agama stand #4.A75.





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