Atomos Connect: Go-anywhere Dual-battery Micro Converters

Atomos, creator of the Ninja and Samurai portable field recorder, monitor & playback/playout devices, is pleased to announce their pocket sized, battery-powered Connect converters, designed to simplify video interconnections anywhere and everywhere. Modern video productions use an ever-increasing range of professional and lower-cost equipment: a mixture of HD/SD-SDI and HDMI gear that needs to seamlessly connect in real-world conditions.

Connect converters are the ultimate portable, battery-powered conversion tool. Connecting HD-SDI to HDMI (Connect S2H) or HD-SDI to HDMI (Connect H2S), they remove Pulldown (reverse-telecine) where necessary, and include an inbuilt test pattern and audio tone generation for confidence – all in a compact, rugged and modular form-factor.

Continous Power
Atomos have included the world’s first dual battery (one internal and one external) system into the Connect converters, which inherit Atomos’ Patent-Pending “Continuous Power” system. With up to 32 hours continuous operation from one external battery and the ability to swap batteries on-the-fly thanks to the internal power cell, Continuous Power is a major advantage in any remote location, away from the studio. Just connect and forget: they’ll last the entire event. (AC power options also available).

Future Proof 3G
Connect converters are future proof, as well. With true 3G chipsets and updatable hardware, they are a sound long-term investment. Ideal for use with Electronic Viewfinders (EVFs), large-screen monitors, cameras, decks, video switchers and field recorders, they integrate perfectly with Atomos’ Samurai and Ninja recorders for extra video input and output options.

“Atomos is all about turning great ideas and mind-bending technology into awesome, practical products – always going just that bit further than anyone else,” said Jeromy Young, CEO and Co-Founder of Atomos. “With Connect, we’ve designed two products that are not only outstanding format converters, but they remove pulldown, supply test patterns and audio tones, and have multiple power options including dual battery, which means you’ll never be without a working product, whatever happens. These really are the ultimate tools for video production and infrastructure.”

Young continued: “At the same time, with these converters, we’ve added what everyone’s been asking for: an HDMI input and output to the Samurai, and an HD-SDI input to the Ninja.”

Not Just Stand Alone Conversion
Connect’s clever design means that they can be used stand-alone or attached unobtrusively to any device with a Sony NP battery plate (or other similar mounting systems with an adaptor plate). Simply by adding a Connect converter to a Marshall monitor for example, that monitor inherits Atomos’ Continuous Power technology, allowing uninterrupted monitoring in the field. In the studio, up to 6 Connect converters can be rackmounted using Atomos rackmount adaptor. Multiple Connects can be stacked and powered from a single battery source.

A host of thoughtful features make Connect converters “must-have” additions to any digital toolbox:

●     Physical compatibility with Marshal and Small HD Monitors, Atomos Samurai and Ninja field recorders and any device with a Sony NP Battery Mount
●     Canon and Panasonic mounting compatibility with suitable battery-plate adaptors
●     Data compatibility with any SDI, HD-SDI equipment from the past two decades!
●     Rackmount adaptor available: ideal for studio or OB truck use
●     Real-time conversion between HD-SDI and HDMI (S2H) and between HDMI and HD-SDI (H2S)
●     In-line real-time pulldown removal (60i to 24p and 30p; 50i to 25p)
●     Futureproof: 3G HD-SDI chipsets used throughout
●     Dual battery system (one internal, one external) for continuous power
●     Internal battery can power converter for two hours
●     External battery (2-cell, NP-470-type) can power a converter for 15 hours (6-cell for up to 36 hours)
●     Internal battery can be charged from an external battery
●     Use external DC supply via D-Tap adaptor
●     Cascadable – stack up to six converters together and power from a single source – AC or battery
●     Torch light – Built-in LED torch for use in dark spaces – Eg. behind racks or at night
●     Built-in test pattern generator
●     LED Battery-level indicators
●     Add HDMI inputs and outputs to Samurai
●     Add HD SDI input to Ninja

Pricing and Availability
Connect converters will be available in late 2011for €249 / ₤219GBP / $349 USD.




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