Autoscript To Feature LED Hi-Bright On-Camera Prompting System At NAB

Autoscript will feature its newly redesigned 8” Hi-Bright LED (LED8TFT + Plus +) on-camera prompting system at the 2011 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Debuting its new sleek look and added features, the LED8TFT + Plus + is one of many new products slated to be unveiled by Autoscript at this year’s show.

“We are excited to reintroduce the 8” portable prompting unit to our customers at NAB,” says Janice D. Seawright, general manager, Autoscript US. “Our customers are our best critics, and the new LED8TFT + Plus + has been designed with their feedback in mind.”

The latest in the company’s range of portable prompting systems, Autoscript’s 8” LED TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) + Plus + units are lightweight and exceptionally versatile prompters—perfect for location shooting with hand-held, Steadicam and small jibs.

New features include illuminated switches and 1700 nits of enhanced brightness, suitable for use in both darkness and direct sunlight. The LED8TFT + Plus + weighs just over two pounds and now includes a built-in cue/tally light, with an Opto Sensor input and repeat output—adding convenience for on-air talent, turning from green to red when signaling the live camera. Additionally, balanced differential Composite inputs help reject common-mode noise and hum on the incoming signal cable, which is particularly helpful when mounting monitors to camera heads.


Powered with 12v DC, the LED8TFT + Plus + also comes equipped with either a mounting plate or handheld mount and a folding hood—that remains out of shot on a 4.8 mm lens in 4:3 or 4.5 mm in 16:9—for easy transportation. The MT/Blue sliding mounting plate is fully adjustable, while the handheld mount utilizes the camera accessory boss and camera handle to rig the prompter.

“Not only does the LED8TFT + Plus + include the latest in LED technology, it improves the teleprompting experience for on-location applications, including its reading range of nine feet,” says Seawright. “Those in the industry who use the LED8TFT + Plus + are backed by Autoscript’s commitment to quality engineering and reliability.”




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