Avid Motion Graphics Delivers Stunning On-Air Imagery

Avid announced that it is showcasing Avid Motion Graphics™, the company’s next-generation graphics solution, at NAB 2012. Avid Motion Graphics gives media producers a streamlined graphics workflow allowing them to deliver stunning visual imagery to air and build strong brand recognition more cost-effectively.

“Avid is committed to helping our customers unleash their creativity to convey information in new ways while also making their workflows more efficient,” said Dana Ruzicka, vice president of segment and product marketing at Avid. “With support for third-party tools, industry standards and plug-ins, Avid Motion Graphics offers the innovation and speed to help our customers work more creatively and cost-effectively than ever before.”

Avid Motion Graphics

Avid Motion Graphics offers broadcasters, sports organizations, post houses and other media production companies a full-featured on-air graphics solution with advanced design tools, powerful production capabilities, and sophisticated workflow integration – all designed to accelerate the delivery of arresting graphics quickly and easily to air, building strong brand recognition.

Key features and benefits include:

Stunning imagery—Gives broadcasters the creative freedom to produce vivid original imagery with a complete next-generation creative toolset, featuring an advanced real-time 2D/3D rendering engine and accelerated by the latest GPU and I/O technology.
Fast-to-air—Enables customers to streamline graphics production and playout through an integrated mix of Avid and third-party tools such as Photoshop and 3D Studio Max.
Easy-to-use—Offers an intuitive UI with 3D views, built-in text effects, easy drag-and-drop functionality, presets, playout control and a programmable keyboard.
News workflow integration and templated workflows—Easily access and populate templates built by graphics designers for multiple purposes. Graphics can be integrated into the newsroom workflow, leveraging the talent of graphic designers in the newsroom.
Deko® family support—Incorporates a bridge to the Deko product family, making it easy for existing users to migrate their assets to the new platform and transition at their own pace.

Avid Motion Graphics also meets a wide range of workflow needs by delivering flexible configuration options.

Avid Motion Graphics product offerings now available include:

Avid Motion Graphics—Features “on-demand” access to an advanced set of 2D/3D graphics composition, character generation tools, and object-based playout control.
Avid Motion Graphics Production—Offers streamlined feature set for 2D/3D graphics creation, effects, and live-to-air playout.
Avid Motion Graphics Creation—Includes a software-only version of the full-featured solution for graphics creation.
Avid Motion Graphics Journalist—Features an NRCS plug-in to integrate graphics capabilities into the newsroom.
Avid Motion Graphics News Control—Provides full control of any graphics parameter up to air-time through a dedicated control interface.
Avid Motion Graphics News—Offers two newsroom integration tools—Avid Motion Graphics Journalist and Avid Motion Graphics News Control in one package.

For more information: http://www.avid.com/us/products/family/Avid-Motion-Graphics

Pricing & Availability

Pricing starts at $35,000 USD for the turnkey Avid Motion Graphics Production solution, which will be available in Q2, along with an array of additional options.




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