Blackmagic Design Announces DeckLink Quad

Blackmagic Design announced DeckLink Quad, a new SDI capture card that’s 4 separate DeckLink capture cards with independent bypass relays and watchdog timers, all designed into a single PCB that plugs into a single PCIe slot. Designed for developers and OEMs, DeckLink Quad is the ideal solution for media play-out servers and real time processors. DeckLink Quad will retail for $995.

DeckLink Quad includes 4 SDI inputs and 4 SDI outputs that can be switched between SD and HD video formats. Each SDI input and output is completely independent, and handled via a completely separate processing core. This means that each SDI input or output could be a different video standard as well as different content streams. DeckLink Quad can also capture and play back at the same time. A common genlock/tri-sync input is included.

DeckLink Quad is perfect for developers who need four completely independent capture and playback streams in and out of a computer, as both capture and playback channels are completely independent.

DeckLink Quad appears as 4 independent SDI cards to the host computer it’s plugged into, however only uses a single PCI Express 4 lane slot. DeckLink Quad is perfect for servers where there are multiple streams or simultaneous capture and playback per system.


For live-to-air productions, a built in watchdog timer under API control and the built-in bypass relays allow a robust broadcast solution that automatically switches to bypass if power is lost, or software crashes. DeckLink Quad is the perfect solution to enable exciting customer solutions such as high quality resizing, de-interlacing, down conversion and more through the SDK, and includes RP 188 HD embedded timecode in the SDI stream.

“With the huge number of developers who are building playback servers, the new DeckLink Quad offers some fantastic opportunities to reduce equipment size by installing a single card that can run four separate video streams, or even simultaneous capture and playback”, said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “It will be very exciting to see what wonderful products our OEM partners build based on the new DeckLink Quad!”

DeckLink Quad Key Features

* 4 mini coax SDI inputs, support both SD and HD 10 bit.
* 4 mini coax SDI outputs, supports both SD and HD 10 bit.
* SDI inputs are completely independent.
* SDI outputs are completely independent.
* Common video reference input supports black-burst and tri-sync.
* 4 bypass relays connect each input to each output when problems occur or power is lost.
* 4 Independent watch dog timers for relay bypass if host software crashes while on air.
* Includes free developer SDK.
* Supports Mac, Windows and Linux.

Availability and Price

DeckLink Quad is available now for US$995 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.




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