Blackmagic Design Announces Intensity Extreme

Blackmagic Design  announced Intensity Extreme, a new low cost and extremely high quality video capture and playback product for professional videographers with HDMI and analog video based on the new Thunderbolt technology for only €209.

Intensity Extreme is the first Thunderbolt technology based device to combine the high quality of HDMI capture and playback with the wide compatibility of analog component, NTSC, PAL and S-Video and analog audio capture and playback in a compact size that’s completely powered from the Thunderbolt connection on the computer. This means Intensity Extreme is the perfect solution for adding video to laptop computers as it powers from the laptop battery.

For the ultimate in leading edge design, Intensity Extreme features a chassis machined out of a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. This ensures an elegant look thats compact, strong and looks great on the desktop.

Intensity Extreme enables users to capture directly from the HD camera’s image sensor, bypassing the video compression chip for true uncompressed video quality. Now users can go beyond the quality limits of HDV or AVCHD for editing, design and authoring with Intensity Extreme.

Intensity Extreme can be connected to any big screen television or video projector for incredible edit monitoring. Current computers don’t have the processing speed to render complex multi layer real time effects in HDV playing back to FireWire cameras. Intensity Extreme solves this problem by outputting video on HDMI and analog outputs for big screen monitoring in both SD or HD formats.

Intensity Extreme instantly switches between the 1080 HD, 720 HD, NTSC and PAL video standards. Intensity Extreme is fully compatible with Adobe™ Premiere™ Pro, Apple™ Final Cut Pro 7™, Adobe After Effects™, Adobe Photoshop™ and any QuickTime™ based software application.

“We think the combination of HDMI and analog on an extremely compact Thunderbolt bus powered design combined with an affordable price will change the lives of thousands of professional videographers,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design Inc. “Intensity Extreme features an amazing design thats machined out of a solid block of aluminum! Only Intensity Extreme gives you compact size, power efficient design, high quality and incredible strength, that is simply perfect as the ultimate portable video solution.”

Intensity Extreme Key Features
HDMI video and audio capture and playback.
Analog capture and playback in SD/HD component, NTSC, PAL and S-Video.
Stereo analog audio capture and playback.
Thunderbolt™ connection for high speed data and high video quality.
Capture and playback DV, DVCPRO HD, HDV, Online JPEG, ProRes and uncompressed video.
Use for edit playback monitoring on televisions and video projectors.
HDMI and Component switches between HD and SD.
Real time effects supported in Apple Final Cut Pro 7 and Adobe Premiere Pro.
Video capture and playback with Blackmagic Media Express 3 utility.
Thunderbolt™ bus powered so no external power supply is required.
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
Includes breakout cable with RCA type connectors for analog video and audio.

Availability and Price
Intensity Extreme will be available Q4 for €209 from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide.




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