Blue Lucy Media Launches AS-11 Plug-in at IBC 2012

Blue Lucy Media has announced the launch of its MXF AS-11 plug-in that will allow producers and post production companies to easily create and deliver transmission-ready, MXF AS-11 standard, compliant files.

The Digital Production Partnership’s MXF AS-11 standard sets out the minimum core metadata specification for file-based contributions to UK broadcasters. Developed in conjunction with the Advanced Media Workflow Association, the vendor-neutral file format for finished material defines the essential metadata set and program segmentation information.   

The BLM AS-11 plug-in is designed for use with BLM Ingest and Transcode Services and will inject producer-specific metadata into an MXF wrapper following file write or transcode. In the event that the source essence is already in the defined delivery format (IMX50 for SD and AVCi-100 for HD) the transcoder will add the AS-11 metadata to the wrapper without decompressing the source material, so the process is lossless. The plug-in may simply be adopted into existing workflows with ease.

Blue Lucy Media CEO Julian Wright said, “Conforming to the AS-11 specification need not be a headache for the post production industry or playout service providers and should not require dramatic changes to workflow or investment in expensive AS-11 specific products.

“Blue Lucy Media’s mission is to dramatically reduce the traditionally high costs and inefficiencies of high quality media production by implementing commodity IT-based infrastructure and adapting it to the requirements of modern media production. The AS-11 plug-in is further evidence of our commitment to this goal.”





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