Bright Announces New Software-Only File-Based Recording Technologies

ImageBright Technologies has completed its move to a new business model providing software-only products.

In a conscious move away from its reputation as a supplier of end to end shared storage infrastructure solutions, Bright is now announcing a range of software-only file-based recording products designed specifically for the needs of today’s new breed of efficiency-driven, data-intensive digital post and broadcast workflows.
Bright has spent the past 18 months in consultation with key customers discussing storage requirements and examining workflow models. During this period they have refocused on how they utilize their industry-leading core storage technologies and expertise. The result has enabled them to bring to market a new range of file recording products that delivers outstanding performance and reliability combined with powerful functionality that targets customersʼ needs for cost efficiency and flexibility in the way they manage their media storage infrastructures. Available as stand-alone products, the new software-only products can be easily integrated into customersʼ existing storage infrastructure.
The new strategy allows a wider range of media companies, including those working with multiple streams of uncompressed real-time 4K or internet streaming applications, to benefit from Brightʼs advanced, high performance recording technologies without having to install complete new storage infrastructures. Customers are free to choose storage hardware from their preferred supplier in the knowledge that the Bright software will enable them to achieve maximum system performance from existing or newly installed data networks.

“During the past eighteen months we have continued to work closely alongside key customers worldwide supplying our storage infrastructure products while simultaneously conducting a review of storage requirements and how our partners access and prepare media for a broad range of consumer viewing devices,” said Ed Rodriquez, Bright Technologies. “It became clear to us that while our core software technology was providing customers with flexible and cost-effective options for moving content through workflows, our total solutions approach was no longer what they were seeking. Consequently, we have re-evaluated and reworked our key strengths, and are very excited to be announcing completion of an internal transition that enables us to bring our new software-only file recording products to market.”
Rodriguez continued: “The Bright storage products breathe new life into existing storage infrastructures by ensuring that the underlying hardware performs to its maximum capabilities at all times. Customers will experience more flexibility and predictability in the way media is accessed and delivered.”
Bright continues to work with its worldwide network of expert business partners and resellers – many of whom already provide specialized integration services – to provide local integration services for Brightʼs products.




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