Cel-Scope 3D at IBC

Specialist in image-processing and audio products, Cel- Soft, will return to IBC in September with a new version of Cel-Scope at their stand.

The company will introduce version 1.4 of the Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic signal analyser.

Designed for use in 3D grading, quality control, post-production and for 3D camera set-up, the product will provide operators with a wide choice of display configurations.

Version 1.4 will also incorporate a novel depth spectrogram, which plots all depth activity and excursions against time.

“Even better than a depth chart, the new depth spectrogram enables an operator to see if the 3D is approaching acceptable limits or is jumping around too much for comfort,” explains Cel-Soft Managing Director Robin Palmer.

In addition the equipment will feature an enhanced logging option which provides a complete reporting function summarising a production or clip’s ability to meet broadcast standards or suitability for public performance.

Cel- Soft have described the product as “A highly cost-effective solution to the task of 3D signal monitoring.”

Functions of the Cel- Scope 3D also include the ability to analyse file-based content as well as live or recorded signals in dual-stream or multiplexed formats.

It allows stereoscopic camera alignment to be performed quickly and confidently, ensuring 3D is accurate from the moment of capture.

Footage and edits can be viewed in a wide range of file formats and assessed in real time and disparities can be displayed as clear and intelligible graphics on 2D or 3D monitors.

As well as this anaglyph display, touchscreen control and on-screen-alarms are all provided.




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