Cinedeck Upgrades RX and EX Software

Cinedeck released version 3.5 of its software for the Cinedeck RX and Cinedeck EX record/playback systems, adding support for DNxHD 444, DVCPRO HD, DPX, XDCAM EX-1440, AVC-Intra, MPEG IMX, JFIF Meridien, H.264, and Nanoflash MXF codecs.

The software update also includes new tools aimed at on-set playback and QC of 3D stereo, including anaglyph playback options, overlay, luma difference, and flip-flop (for mirror rigs).

With this release, Cinedeck has also broken the RX model out into two separate products, offering the Cinedeck RX Broadcast to address the needs of broadcast customers with unsynchronized dual-camera support, two-channel single-link HD-SDI inputs and four single-link HD-SDI outputs, full-duplex video IO, character overlay, and eight channels of embedded audio. The original Cinedeck RX system is now known as the Cinedeck RX Cine/444, and it’s built with HDMI, dual-link and 3G HD-SDI IO, two channels of AES audio, and 16 channels of embedded SDI audio per video input. Both decks offer real-time up-, down- and cross-conversion. Only the Cine/444 supports DNxHD 444, ProRes 4444 and the new 3D-stereo visualization features.

Users with a current maintenance subscription get the new software upgrades for no additional charge. The Cinedeck EX starts at $8495, while the Cinedeck RX Broadcast and Cinedeck RX Cine/444 are priced at $14,995.





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