Cintel’s new 6K version of the diTTo evolution film scanner

At NAB 2012 Cintel International will launch a new 6K imaging sensor for the diTTo evolution film scanner, providing over-sampled 4K data files, as well as new timeline interface options and extended vertical range option for the imageMill2 real-time data processing engine.

The diTTo evolution film scanner scans both 16mm and 35mm film with 2K speeds at up to 11fps.  The new 6K imaging sensor provides the highest quality over-sampled 4K data files demanded by the post-production and archive industries.  diTTo evolution is the first film scanner to be instantly switchable from pin registration to non-pin registration, and is also the first film scanner to include integrated film grain management and image stabilisation tools.  It is the ideal film scanner for all applications and stock types; from OCN ingest for digital intermediates, to dense print for restoration projects.

diTTo evolution offers a modular and upgradeable solution to film scanning.  Building on the successful elements of the renowned diTTo scanner including unequalled image performance, easy-to-use interface and the famous D/SCO – Dust/Scratch Concealment option, diTTo evolution also provides a fast shuttle capability, a non-pin registration mode for archive scanning and the imageMill2 processing tools and a 3.3D density range.

imageMill2 is the world’s fastest data image restoration tool, processing 2K and HD DPX files faster than real time. The ORIGIN application can fix dust, scratches and other image defects faster than any other system and can run simultaneously with GRACE, the noise and film grain management tool and STEADY, the real time image stabilisation application. New at NAB will be a timeline interface called FLOW and an expanded interface called COLOURFLOW which add colour correction and zoom/pan/rotate scan effects.  In addition to this, Cintel will be showcasing a new extended vertical range stabilisation tool called ‘SUPER-Y’.

Simon Carter, Sales Director, Cintel, said, “ORIGIN can now fix a lot of image defects in real time, which is amazing considering many software-only systems can take up to a minute per frame.  With speeds in excess of 31fps for 2K and HD files, the performance of imageMill2 is unequalled.  We are currently processing 4K files at 10fps and can also deal with SD files at twice real time.  Having ORIGIN alongside GRACE and STEADY on the FLOW timeline provides an extremely powerful data restoration system.”

Cintel’s Business Development Manager, Simon Clark, said “We have a number of imageMill2 customers and prospects requiring an extended vertical stabilisation range to address the instability from film scanners such as ARRISCAN when run in non-pin mode on archive film.  In conjunction with ARRI we developed SUPER-Y which has a massive +/- 60 lines of stabilisation range in both 2K and 4K.”




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