CLIPSTER now 8-times faster at DCP remastering

From September 7-11, IBC visitors to booth 7.E25 will among other things be able to see and learn about what impact the new 3D features and dynamic extensions to CLIPSTER® will have on their post production processes. With its cutting-edge DCI validation tool, CLIPSTER® is consolidating its position as a reliable solution in the highly sensitive DCP market, and is impressive at generating mezzanine formats such as IMF.  

When it comes to DCI workflows in particular, editors suffer massive losses in time due to complex decoding and encoding stages. DCP remastering processes are very time-consuming particularly in companies working to very tight timescales. Now thanks to CLIPSTER’s new render pipeline, the DCI remastering process is an easy feat and can be run up to 8-times faster.

The new DCI validation tool also makes DCI workflows more user-friendly: CLIPSTER® version 5 features extensive, easy-to-use DCP test functions enabling Digital Cinema Packages not only to be verified to ensure they comply with all DCI standards, but also to see if they can be played back on popular DCI players. Furthermore, the user can make selective changes to every DCP-validation parameter in CLIPSTER® to suit various test procedures.

Besides its acclaimed Digital Cinema Package tool, CLIPSTER® supports mezzanine formats such as IMF (Interoperable Master Format). CLIPSTER® complies with the latest developments in IMF standards and version 5 offers CPL (Composition Playlist) support among other features.

When used in combination with RAW cameras too, CLIPSTER® offers maximum flexibility and supports RAW data from all leading cameras, processing it faster than real time. At the same time, playback in up to 4K at 60 fps and 3D at up to 48 fps is possible.  

In stereoscopic workflows, CLIPSTER® offers automatic analysis, correction and quality control. The new 3D correction tool in particular is of interest for the 3D presetting of 3D DCPs and deliverables. CLIPSTER® performs quality checks based on the 3D depth histogram and includes additional configurable thresholds for maximum disparities.  





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