Closing the production circle from ingest into delivery with mxfSPEEDRAIL

At this year’s IBC, MOG Technologies will bring great and valuable news to the broadcast industry with high performance solutions that will enable users to unify their production workflow environments.

It is known to the broadcast industry that MOG Technologies is asserting itself in the market as the perfect provider of high valuable centralized ingest solutions. Taking advantage of its MXF knowledge, MOG is helping broadcasters across their ingest, editing, capturing, distribution and quality processes. As a content shifter, MOG is able to wrap and rewrap the assets keeping them with the highest quality from ingest into delivery.

Closing the production circle

At the last NAB, MOG has launched the new mxfSPEEDRAIL P1000, enabling users to complete the production workflow processes with real time playback capabilities. mxfSPEEDRAIL solutions are now covering the full range of automated solutions, from ingest into delivery, presenting the highest performance in the most diverse file-based workflows. Built to face the future, mxfSPEEDRAIL is perfectly able to interoperate with the numerous platforms in the market, taking advantage of lower cost and generic IT technology and breaking every incompatibility barrier through the production chain.

Empowering the international sport events in London

For the summer games in London, MOG Technologies has proved to be a high valued partner for such great broadcasters like NBC, OBS, RTVE and RTP Portugal. The fully interoperable mxfSPEEDRAIL centralized ingest solutions were selected to cover the most demanding needs of such a major sport event like the summer games, playing an important role in conforming the ingested material for its posterior distribution into multiple platforms.

A new and configurable solution at IBC 2012

MOG is preparing a platform for all its ingest products that will establish new and groundbreaking operating modes when it comes to real centralized repurposing of content, whether its SDI, File-Based Ingest/Outgest and Playback/QC. A formal announcement will be released in September, at IBC 2012.

At booth 7.H32 visitors can expect to learn about the developments which are shaping the industry, interact with the latest centralized ingest technology and be able to check the newest enhancements and releases in the mxfSPEEDRAIL product line.




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