CUBA High Definition Playout will be unveiled at NAB 2015

CUBA HDP by PACE Media Development is a complete Channel-In-A-Box playout system designed for professional video broadcast combining video playout, On-Air graphics, playlist and transfer management in one easy-to-use and cost effective single server solution.

With the CUBA High Definition Playout the industry’s best kept secret is now going to be unveiled for the very first time at NAB Show 2015 in Las Vegas. Being developed in 2006 by Berlin-based company PACE Media by a team with long-time experience in Broadcast business, CUBA HDP is successfully in use for the highly demanding fields of leading broadcasting facilities such as Red Bull Media House Austria, SES Platform Services Germany and global TV channel Fashion One Hong Kong, but has never been available on the general market. As a proven and rock solid playout solution, CUBA HDP now offers a customer friendly and easy way for Broadcast Workflow and Playout Management on any device at any time anywhere.

“As our playout system has been in use for many years by major customers and after receiving a lot of positive feedback since then, we have decided to offer our product to a larger market”, says Martin Schröder, Founder and General Manager of PACE Media Development. “Our work is very customer oriented and we have implemented many key features into the software based on market leader’s suggestions. As we are offering this proven, but cost efficient and easy-to-use Channel-In-A-Box solution to a bigger market now, each broadcaster can benefit from the experience gathered from these long-term partnerships.”



CUBA HDP is a powerful but compact Channel-In-A-Box playout system combining video playout, On-Air graphics, playlist and transfer management in one easy-to-use and cost effective single server solution. With the web-based CUBA Playout management it delivers an extensive and intuitive administration tool for monitoring and playlist editing, allowing one single operator to handle an unlimited number of channels and playout servers. A new special function of CUBA Playout management is the web-based Remote Control, which allows the operator to access and control running playout servers anywhere at any time. This innovative remote functionality makes CUBA HDP an efficient and time-saving solution for all broadcast companies.


The wide range of functions of CUBA HDP includes encoding and decoding, up- and downscaling, graphics, 2D/3D DVE, open/closed caption subtitles, lower thirds and more. Depending on the channel’s needs the output of CUBA HDP can be chosen or even combined from SDI, UDP or ASI. Recordings can be scheduled automatically and run directly via the web-based application. Individual clips can be trimmed, segmented and provided with metadata. It allows the operator to plan, monitor and change an unlimited number of playlists – all of this web-based, cross-platform and anywhere.


CUBA HDP supports automated playlist management, mixed playlists (mixed formats and resolution), video content up to 4K and IP-Monitoring via the web-based Playout Management, so the operator keeps full control of all running CUBA HDP servers without being locked to a certain platform or location. The integrated powerful graphics engine supports Channel Branding, lower thirds and complex animated graphical elements. This content can be inserted via automation, manual control or secondary events whilst being created and/or modified in real-time while running an On-Air operation.

“We also know from our customers, that there is an urgent need for easy operation and monitoring via Remote Control due to economic pressure and time constraints”, Martin Schröder adds. “With our web-based CUBA Playout Management, we can offer exactly this functionality.”

The distribution of CUBA HDP playout solution by PACE Media Development will be taken over by the Berlin-based company Media Logic GmbH.




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