Dalet Galaxy Creates a Connected Multisite HD News Workflow for Record News

Dalet Digital Media Systems announced today that Brazil’s 24-hour news channel, Record News, has selected the Dalet Galaxy for News solution to drive an integrated news production and playout workflow for its São Paulo and Araraquara locations. Creating a single content repository for the two sites to access, the Dalet system offers Record News a story-centric news solution that features affordable IT hardware and federated tools for managing ingest, search, browse, story planning and production, news playout, continuity playout, and archiving.
“Our connected facilities allow journalists to share and exchange information much faster. This means our stories provide the most detailed information possible for viewers, which in the business of news, is crucial,” comments Francisco Costa, general manager of Record News. Isaias Oliveira, general director of LM Telecom, responsible for the project explains why Dalet was chosen: “This is not our first experience with Dalet; the installation at our sister station Record Bahia, was a big success. The fully integrated system helped foster better collaboration across the departments while reducing overall maintenance costs, giving us a very good return on investment and the confidence to implement it for our Record News operations.”

The new installation features the Dalet Galaxy media asset management (MAM) for News platform with Dalet Brio for ingest and playout management and Dalet AmberFin for transcoding. Dalet comprehensive metadata management allows Record News to index and better track content across the two locations. The centralized content repository with federated search and retrieval tools let journalists from both locations access and share content quickly. “The Dalet Galaxy platform is designed to scale both up and down, economically accommodating newsrooms of all sizes,” comments Julien Decaix, general manager, Dalet Americas. “This was important for Record News who wanted the capabilities of a full featured newsroom solution without the price tag of an enterprise installation. Our mature platform can be configured to deliver the end-to-end news workflow for newsrooms as small as ten to as large as 1000 journalists.” observes José Luis Costa, business development manager for the Brazilian market

Integration with ENPS ensures seamless story development while embedded newsroom tools like Dalet Onecut offer users straight-forward video editing capabilities for creating multimedia stories on the fly. Thanks to the Dalet Xtend module, Adobe Premiere CC editors have direct access to the Dalet content catalog with full metadata tracking and key playout provisions like edit-in-place. The new Dalet installation also manages the two locations’ archiving needs with full and partial restoration capabilities for both sites.








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