DENZ develops a new camera plate for all video and movie cameras

The company DENZ in Ottobrunn/Munich, Germany presented the new camera plate BP-multi at IBC 2011. Like all products of DENZ the engineering and the material are in the first place.
The camera table is black anodized and made of materials that are commonly used in the aircraft and space technology. The cameras shall be fixed – according to threads – with 3/8 “or ¼” screws (the screws are included). The BP-multi is designed for Ø19 mm rods. The dovetail plate fits on any camera (300 mm and 500 mm).

At the front and back there are two ¼ “holes at a distance of 60mm. You can also use Ø15mm rods. You get the centre offset of 16mm (like BP8) if you unscrew the mounting plate.
Managing director Peter Denz says: “It is now important to develop products that are compatible with all camera manufacturers. Still the high customer requirements are the standard of our product development and manufacturing. This camera table BP-multi is manufactured by us in a precise 0-series in Bavaria. This fact is more important to us as the constant availability of our products at low prices. We are pleased to bring an exceptional product with superior quality and durability and the distinctive DENZ properties on the market. ”

The camera plate BP-multi is to be used for video and film cameras from ARRI, RED, Sony and Panasonic.

A matching adapter plate RED/Epic can be supplied. You can get the height difference with this adapter plate for using all standard accessories (compendium, studio follow focus, etc) of the movie cameras. The adapter is made of the high-quality materials manufactured by DENZ standard and is also black anodized. Supplied with two 3 / 8 “screws






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