At IBC 2015 Digital Vision will present the latest versions of its acclaimed range of film scanning, restoration, colour grading and image enhancement systems and will showcase Loki and Thor for OFX for the first time in Europe.

Loki is the ultimate solution for file-based image processing tasks, allowing the user to create automated, configurable, and flexible workflows that seamlessly fit into existing working practices for broadcast, film and video restoration, and post production. Loki users will have access to the entire range of world class DVO image processing tools as options on an à la carte basis. Standard workflow features in Loki include transcoding, multiple watch folders, multiple node support and easy installation, usage and integration to create a vast array of workflows for format, resolution and standards conversion, digital camera image repair, image restoration and more.

The Thor accelerator card will be on show with the new Thor Ultra toolset, including Thor Zoom and Thor Sharpen. We are also excited to announce Thor’s upcoming OFX support, meaning users of other systems (including competitive grading and restoring solutions) will be able to harness the power of Thor and Digital Vision’s legendary algorithms.

The latest version of the Nucoda colour grading suite includes enhanced GPU processing and full support for Thor to allow UHD colour grading, noise reduction, upscaling and sharpening at real time and faster. New tools for working in HDR and support for DNxHR from Avid also feature. There will also be daily demonstrations showcasing Dolby Vision on the Maui monitor using material from the Pixar film, Inside Out.

For restoration, Digital Vision will be showing new features in its Phoenix restoration software including updated Manual Paint and Fix tools as well as a new DVO for automatically fixing dead pixels.


The world’s best and most popular archive scanner, Golden Eye 4, completes Digital Vision’s IBC offering with its unique Universal Optics that allow users to scan from 8mm to 70mm without changing sensor or optic. Digital Vision will also announce upcoming Golden Eye features including magnetic audio, wet gate, infra red dust mapping and full 8K resolution all available in the coming months.


Kelvin Bolah, CEO, Digital Vision, said, “We look forward to IBC every year, and this year sees a strong and growing Digital Vision team in attendance. We’ve seen a hike in Nucoda sales over this year as new users turn to our solutions and tools to meet the additional demands of UHD and HDR. We’ve focused on broadening our markets and embracing new licensing and payment models, and this too has afforded us growth in all product areas and geographies. We’re excited about our future!”





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