DSLR Editors Get a Boost with New AV3 Production Power Pack

The latest powerful workflow pairing from AV3 includes Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Grinder bundled with the company’s award-winning dialog search solution, Get, at no additional cost.

Designed for Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) editors working on DSLR projects, this latest AV3 Production Power Pack addresses the complications and time constraints associated with DSLR file preparation and management. “One of the biggest challenges with editing DSLR content is the time associated with managing media, in particular, getting files into the right format and locating the right material. The new Get and Grinder Production Power Pack solves both pain points brilliantly,” comments Doug Hynes, director of products, AV3 Software. “Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Grinder merges the many steps it takes to make DSLR files ‘NLE-friendly’ into one application and an easy, one-step process. Get adds the ability to quickly search, find, and then add valuable metadata to files that are not normally searchable in their raw format. Because Get searches are based on the spoken word and not metadata, editors can easily search and find instances of words, phrases, or dialogue, saving an enormous of amount of time organizing files in preparation for editing.”

The Get/Grinder DSLR Workflow Advantages

With the new Get/Grinder Production Power Pack, editors can breeze through the pre-edit process. In one simple step, Grinder quickly transcodes DSLR files, making them “edit-ready.” Based on dialogue within the content, editors can then use Get to make their pre-selects, minimizing the need to search for alternate takes while editing. Get also creates clips that have permanent FCP Markers at each instance of dialogue found. Get Markers are searchable from within FCP itself using the Find function and maintain important clip metadata that can be used at any time in the future, even if the project is transferred to another editing application.


Availability and Pricing

AV3 Software’s Production Power Pack consisting of Get (list price US$249) and Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Grinder (list price US$49) is available now for US$249 via the AV3 web site – www.av3software.com. International conversion rates apply for all sales outside the US.

Get is language dependent. Its results are most accurate when the Get language pack matches the spoken language within the content. Supported languages include US English, UK English, and Latin American Spanish. AV3 will be releasing in Q3 2011 support for Castilian Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, and Parisian French.

Get works with FCP versions 6 and 7. AV3 intends to support FCP X and have a compatible version available as soon as possible.

Production Power Packs are sold exclusively at AV3 Software’s web store.

Get works hand-in-hand with Final Cut Pro and is designed to help editors become more efficient in searching for footage via the spoken word. Communicating directly with Final Cut Pro, Get derives sequences and clip metadata and indexes the associated media files, making them ready to search within. Select items are then exported directly to Final Cut Pro either as new clips with markers or markers into existing clips. Get is revolutionizing the editing workflow:

•    Provides access to the speed and accuracy of phonetic search technology.
•    Allows users to input search terms as they sound, bypassing spelling errors and mismatches  with logged metadata.
•    Combines dialog and NLE metadata searches, as well as dialog and desktop metadata searches.
•    Provides users with the ability to pre-select content to be used within editing application and projects.
•    Editors can find content that already exists within a project, whether it resides in bins, clips, sub-clips, or sequences.




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