DVS’s Atomix family of video boards with new features

From September 9 – 13, DVS will be showing the latest developments in its Atomix series at booth 7.E25. The renowned family of video boards from DVS meets all the requirements that high-end film, HDTV post production, broadcast applications and demanding presentations call for. New developments in DVS’s own SDK, a newly integrated mixer/keyer as well as support for DirectShow are among the many Atomix highlights.

Right on time for IBC 2011, the DVS boards feature an extended software development kit.
DVS has simplified stereo 3D support and optimized it for low latency. The entire Atomix family now also supports DirectShow which enables a seamless integration of DVS boards into existing applications.

The feature set of Atomix and Atomix LT has also been upgraded to include a mixer/keyer that allows two data streams controlled by one key signal to be cross-faded pixel-by-pixel – a function specifically designed for virtual studio applications. As the mixer is located in the card’s processing pipeline, the freely programmable scaler is also available during mixing, allowing adjustment of each signal’s size. The high-speed processing pipeline enables each image to be processed multiple times while still permitting real-time output. For instance, this allows more than two images to be mixed together into a single output image and a separate zoom factor to be assigned to each one.

Atomix HDMI, the newest addition to the Atomix family, will impress users with its cutting-edge technology. The high-performance video board allows real-time image processing in any resolution from SD to 4K. Thanks to its four HDMI ports, 4K material can be played out in quadrants via the four ports. The HDMI 1.4a-compliant port also allows 4K or Full HD 3D/stereo sequences to be played out via one port. The Atomix HDMI video board is equipped with a programmable up- and down-scaler, a 3D LUT, a 1D LUT as well as a color space converter, making it ideally suited to meeting the requirements of high-end applications.





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