DVS SpycerBox comes with software for project sharing

The DVS storage solutions DVS-SAN and SpycerBox can now be used with the project sharing and management software STRAWBERRY from FlavourSys. Thanks to their openness and excellent performance, the DVS systems are frequently used in the storage architecture of broadcast and post production environments, and are a guarantee of reliability.

With its 24/7 availability option, the SpycerBox is a flexible and modular storage solution offering uninterrupted operation with extreme reliability thanks to its failover functionality. Together with the newly integrated software, users will enjoy considerably more flexibility and efficiency when collaborating in teams and on projects.

STRAWBERRY was developed from a hands-on perspective to optimize post production workflows. The software received the IBC 2011 Broadcast Engineering Award for innovative products and technologies in Amsterdam. The software’s main functions include searching, finding and exchanging projects and data as well as collaborative editing. As STRAWBERRY integrates seamlessly with DVS products and is intuitive to use, users do not require lengthy training. STRAWBERRY makes team-based project-collaboration possible allowing editing projects to be exchanged and processed securely right from the outset.

Especially in complex workflows, NLE projects are set in complex structures making them painstakingly laborious to process. The joint solution from DVS and FlavourSys puts an end to these annoying processes as users benefit from a single point of management and can utilize the advantages of this all-in-one-box solution for themselves and their workflows.

Marco Stahl, Product Manager at FlavourSys: “We developed STRAWBERRY from the user’s perspective as we wanted to organize complex post production workflows in a simpler and more efficient way. With DVS and its high-performance products, we have a strong partner that allows us to offer our customers a powerful turn-key solution.”

Henner Steinwede, DVS Product Manager: “With the newly integrated software in our DVS-SAN and SpycerBox systems, our customers benefit from increased efficiency in their workflows while at the same time experiencing a totally new dimension in team-based collaboration.”




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