EBU calls for broadcast/broadband partnership

The EBU’s Director General, Ingrid Deltenre, has told a gathering of broadcasting and telecoms representatives, that their two sectors must cooperate better to ensure Europeans continue to benefit from high-quality media. In her keynote speech at the IBC broadcasting tradeshow, Ms Deltenre also warned that wireless broadband networks were unable to meet the increasing data rates demanded by consumers today.

Running out of spectrum
But she cautioned that handing over more spectrum to wireless broadband networks was not a solution. “Even if broadband took over all the broadcast bands, in a few years there would still not be enough spectrum to meet demand,” she told a panel session. Ms Deltenre added: “Just look at the likely rate of growth of capacity, and it’s plain to see. Using wireless broadband alone is not the answer to public media needs.” Among the other panellists were Neelie Kroes, vice president responsible for the Digital Agenda, Richard Feasey, public policy director of Vodafone UK and Gabrielle Gauthey, executive vice president of Alcatel-Lucent, France.

Broadband needs broadcast
Ms Deltenre told the conference that broadcasting was the only way to meet the European public’s media needs. “It cannot be done through wireless broadband alone,” she said. “We need a partnership of broadcasting and wireless broadband.”

The spectrum question is central to the EBU’s mission of enabling public service broadcasters to continue to function in the best interests of the European public. Increasing demands by global telecoms giants for additional spectrum for wireless services is pressuring over-the-air broadcasters to make compromises on badly needed spectrum for HDTV and other important services.




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