EditShare Makes Headlines With New OCTOPUS Partnership

EditShare®, the technology leader in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, today announced a technology and distribution partnership with OCTOPUS Newsroom, developer of advanced newsroom computer systems (NRCS). The new relationship expands EditShare’s support for MOS-compliant newsroom computer systems to include OCTOPUS6, with unique integration benefits such as the ability to preview from within the newsroom client video asset proxies that are stored on the EditShare Media Asset Management system. The relationship also opens up distribution channels for OCTOPUS in North America.

“EditShare chose to partner closely with Octopus because of its robust feature set, cross-platform Mac and Windows client support, and cost-effective licensing structure,” says Andy Liebman, founder and President of EditShare. “Incorporating the OCTOPUS6 NRCS as part of the EditShare tapeless workflow provides broadcasters with a complete turnkey, tapeless production solution for managing news content and media. In concert with EditShare Shared Storage, Flow Media Asset Management, Geevs Ingest and Playout servers, and Ark Backup and Archive, Octopus streamlines the entire news production process. News directors and reporters can browse assets, create rundowns, scripts, and news packages, and when it’s time to air, load the rundowns into EditShare Geevs servers for live playout. The two-way MOS communication between the Octopus system and the Geevs playout server gives news directors instant feedback on which packages are ready for air, and allows for last-second changes in the rundown as breaking news emerges. And that turnkey news production package is available today through the EditShare channel in North America and the Octopus channel worldwide.”

In addition to deeper integration with EditShare broadcast servers, journalists can browse source material stored on the EditShare shared storage systems. Liebman continues, “Because EditShare and Octopus are seamlessly integrated through the MOS protocol, journalists using the newsroom client have direct and immediate access to content stored on the EditShare shared storage systems. This includes tapeless material shot in the field, satellite feeds captured by Geevs or Flow Ingest servers, and clips stored in the archives. Users can also create placeholders in the rundown for events that have not yet been recorded or edits that are still under way, enabling news directors to quickly assess the timing of a broadcast but still allowing for last-minute news gathering and editing. EditShare manages the complexity of content collection, storage, and migration, greatly simplifying the workflow, enabling journalists to quickly and easily craft their story for broadcast.”

Petr Stokuc, Managing Director, Octopus Newsroom, comments, “Our successful partnership with EditShare started more than two years ago with the integration of our Octopus6 newsroom system with their Geevs servers. Since then we have delivered to our professional customers many workflow solutions that benefit from this integration.” Stokuc continues, “We are delighted that this technology partnership has now also developed into business cooperation. And after its success in Europe, we are now looking forward to the next step – in North America.”




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