EditShare Storage Goes into Overdrive

EditShare unveiled new EditShare Shared Storage capabilities and systems at NAB 2012.

Avid and Apple…Now Adobe CS6 Project Sharing
EditShare networked storage solutions now support project sharing for the brand new Adobe CS6 Premiere Pro. Thanks to EditShare’s patented bin-locking / project-locking framework, Adobe Premiere editors can instantly see, copy or revise the work of colleagues with the assurance that a bin, sequence or project will never get accidentally deleted or overwritten. Like the previous version of Premiere, the new Adobe release is compatible with all advanced features of Flow, EditShare’s media asset management system, including drag and drop of clips and sequences from Flow into Premiere. The combination of Premiere CS6, Flow and EditShare storage creates a powerful toolset for collaborative workgroup production and editing.

Choose the right drives for the job
In addition to its traditional lineup of 7200 RPM enterprise SATA and 15K SAS drives, EditShare is now shipping systems based on the first cost-effective enterprise Solid State Drives (SSD). “We take advantage of new technologies like SSD drives to ensure that EditShare storage platforms are always fully optimized for all media workflows and all data handling requirements. These are the fastest hard drives ever made,” comments Liebman. For customers who require support for extreme stream counts, EditShare offers 480 GB SSD drives which, on a single set of 16 drives, can support 80 or more streams of ProRes HQ or Avid DnxHD 220, and hundreds of streams of lower bitrate video.

EditShare Shared Storage solutions let users mix all different drive types into a single system, assigning storage space according to the demands of the job. “We have made it so our customers can maximize on performance and price. If a job needs 50 editors all working on 220 Mbit video, you can put that on the SSD or 15K SAS drives, and for a job that is less demanding and that needs a lot of space, you can put that on more economical 7200 RPM drives. EditShare gives the best of both worlds with regards to price and performance,” says Liebman.

New Storage Connectivity
EditShare Shared Storage systems now support two new 10 Gigabit options – 10GBase-T, which runs on standard Cat 6 and Cat 6A cables, and Thunderbolt, connecting newer Mac Minis, MacBook Pros and iMacs. In addition to the new 10 Gigabit options, EditShare enables multiple 10 Gigabit bonding. Liebman says of the new EditShare bonding abilities, “With the data rates going in and out of individual systems reaching 2 or 3 GB/sec or more, to get all that data between workstations and central storage, we now provide an easy way to bond multiple 10 Gigabit interfaces together into a single virtual device. So, effectively we can get 40 Gigabit Ethernet or even higher between a server and a switch.”

EditShare Atom – Shared Storage on the Go
At NAB 2012, EditShare introduced the ultra-portable, second-generation mobile-shared storage solution, EditShare Atom™. “Five years ago, we introduced EditShare Field, the world’s first portable shared storage system, and it was incredibly popular,” comments Liebman. “Customers used the Field for capturing and editing high-profile sports and news events such as Wimbledon, World Cup soccer, Tour de France bike racing, and even the Chilean mine disaster from a couple of years ago. Now, the new Atom™ represents a fully re-designed turnkey system that is 40 percent smaller, lighter and modular.” EditShare Atom ships standard with 4 x 3.5-inch drives. Users can securely dock to the top a 4-drive expansion unit or an LTO tape unit for backup. With Flow and Ark software included, Atom is the perfect solution for small news bureaus, on-location sports and film production, and even as a main storage system for small production companies. EditShare Atom is expected to ship in Q3, 2012.






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