Ensemble’s Three New Scan Converters Demonstrated at IBC

Ensemble Designs is demonstrating three new scan converters at the International Broadcasters Convention in Amsterdam. The BrightEye Mitto Fiber, BrightEye Mitto HD and BrightEye Mitto Pro are new units in Ensemble’s family of scan converters for broadcast, corporate and military video installations.

“Customers asked us to address their specific signal input and output needs and to give them product choices to meet budget constraints,” said Mondae Hott, Director of Sales at Ensemble Designs. “We’re responding to what people asked us for. Now they can choose the perfect mix of capabilities and price.”

The new Mitto scan converters are part of Ensemble’s BrightEye family of signal processing equipment. The various Mitto units are priced from US$2500 to $5900 and have a range of capabilities to choose from including audio embedding, audio mixing, audio delay and fiber outputs.

The scan converters are used in a wide range of video applications including broadcast, high-end military, medical, classroom and corporate. All of the Mitto scan converters take video from a computer, such as Skype, YouTube, maps and medical video, and convert the material to SD, HD or 3 Gb/s serial digital video. All Mitto units accept VGA, DVI and HDMI input signals from PCs, Macs, iPhones and iPads.

The Academic Medical Centre (AMC) of Amsterdam have selected BrightEye Mittos and BrightEye fiber and video converters for their system upgrade. “I was walking down the aisle at IBC and the Ensemble Mitto caught my eye,” said Jaap Tuyp, Technical Manager of the AVC at University of Amsterdam. The university creates medical programming and does live broadcasts that are used all over the world.

Lockhead Martin recently purchased ninety-seven Mitto scan converters for a 3 Gb/s video project.

Ensemble offers four different BrightEye Mitto units, each with varying inputs, outputs and capabilities, allowing the end- user to choose exactly the Mitto with the best set of functionality for their particular video application. All of BrightEye Mitto units convert YouTube™, Skype™ video, weather radar, viewer emails and maps to video. Just a small part of the screen, such as a Skype window, can be selected with a mouse and converted to full screen HD. Ensemble’s proprietary upconversion and filtering processing provides broadcast quality video for use in high end applications.




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