Envivio Cuts Through Standards Confusion to Lead the March to 4K TV

Technical developments leading to the widespread, commercial deployment of 4K video delivery can become bogged down as the industry determines the standards and steps leading to the delivery of Ultra HD television. To maintain progress toward the goal, Envivio advises that video service providers should do the following: first, focus on HEVC for optimizing existing OTT and mobile applications; then prepare for upcoming improved picture quality comprising 4K and HDR. Implementing pure software solutions lets video service providers take a step-by-step approach toward this goal.

“HEVC is already here and is a must for the eventual jump to 4K TV. We can deliver a better viewing experience to consumers and minimize network costs for operators right now by using the technology at our fingertips to step up to gradually improved picture quality,” said Julien Signès, founder and CEO of Envivio.

“With respect to HDR, there is an emerging consensus that 4K with HDR will bring the wow factor expected by the industry. Envivio solutions are ready now to enable this in a flexible and organic way,” Signès added. “While there are still competing HDR standards being considered by the industry, using a pure software approach like Envivio’s, guarantees future readiness, whatever technology standards end up being adopted.”

“Our software halves the bandwidth in use compared to H.264/AVC for all devices. Our HEVC solution is ready today,” Signès concluded.

Envivio’s pure software video solutions and technologies can be used by operators to optimize their networks, starting with the delivery of HEVC content. Envivio will be demonstrating its ground breaking pure software solutions at TV Connect in London





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