EVS Introduces EpsioAir

EVS announces its new Epsio.Air solution which allows a virtual advertisement insertion in the form of overlay graphics in downstream live or delayed sport programs.

Epsio Air is the latest EVS solution which is part of the Epsio graphic suite. Epsio’s patented technology is designed to enhance sports broadcast programs with ads and other virtual graphic overlays added on the pitch or to replace surrounding billboards.

This software application automatically detects different cut points in the program and analyses every angle where it is possible to insert a selected graphic overlay. Preloaded graphics and ads are available for selection on the main interface during program rollout. With its preview/program split screen, the operator can check every graphic and ad inserts before going on air.

Due to its straight integration with EVS’ XT/XS series servers, and a tunable processing delay, Epsio Air offers quality control buffers to manage what will go ‘on air’ with an approval mode.

Serge Dulin, Epsio suite Product Manager comments: “Specifically dedicated to second and foreign league broadcast rights holders along with new media right-holders, this new solution offers extended possibilities to monetize program content with local ads or relevant graphic inserts based on the initial production package.”

In partnership with Vizrt, the leader in on-air graphic solutions, EVS has significantly improved its offering of sports graphic tools. Epsio.Air seamlessly interfaces with the Vizrt graphic suite allowing an enhancement of sports programs by inserting high-end virtual graphics in the playing field’s overlay or by replacing surrounding advertising boards.

Dulin adds: “Our seamless integration with Vizrt graphics significantly reinforces the final results for our clients’ viewers. It allows us to offer a solution that combines the best virtual graphics technology with the industry’s leading live sports production and replay systems.”




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