EVS Introduces XFly Portable NAS Storage Platform

EVS presents XFly, a new high-capacity portable storage solution dedicated to XT operators looking for cost-efficient and easy ways to back up entire production materials which can further be carried out to post operations.

XFly is a brand new compact and portable storage platform intended for extended live production operations. The storage case encloses eight removable standard SAS or SATA hard disk drives (2.5 inches) offering up to 8TB storage with a maximum capacity of 140 hours of HD at 100Mbps. XFly is designed with advanced security features, including RAID5 technology for maximum reliability in any live production situation.

This new portable system is designed to offer EVS XT/XS server series operators an easy way to back up clips and feeds. When live shooting is completed, the operator can simply transport the entire production; including program feed, multi-camera angles, best shots and highlights in a single storage case of 13cmH (approx. 5 in.) x 20cmW (approx. 8 in.) x 33cm L (approx. 13 in.). When arriving at the booth from the shooting area, XFly is simply plugged into Avid or FCP allowing editors to immediately begin their creative tasks.


Clips and feeds are imported automatically or manually from XT to XFly through a built-in XTaccess module, an EVS GigE gateway solution that manages on-the-fly MXF or QuickTime file wrapping for immediate media availability for editing operations without requiring export from storage to the editing station. XFly can be configured to automatically generate proxy-files while simultaneously streaming operations of multiple live feeds. This mode allows to manage Hi/Lo-resolution workflow for smoother media handling during post-production operations.

XFly allows to stream up to 10 simultaneous live HD feeds at 100 Mbps, allowing to store synchronized camera angles. The storage case can also be configured to stream and back up 3D live feeds.

To maximize the flexibility of XFly, EVS offers the possibility to convert two XFly storage case units in one single 3RU storage platform offering up to 16 TB storage capacity.

Bernard Stas, EVS’ General Product Manager comments: “XFly is a smart solution for live production storage. Many live operators were looking for an easy method to transport their production backup from the shooting area to post-production. We are proud to introduce XFly, as it perfectly meets these requirements offering a storage capacity of 140 hours of HD and the ability to stream 10 HD feeds in real time. All this in a transportable storage case, easy to carry from the production area to post-production.”




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