EVS Presents Advanced Integration with Avid Live-to-Post Workflow Solutions

At the NAB Show, EVS is presenting the ultimate level of integration with Avid® between live production and post-production environments. These include AVC-Intra codec based bi-directional workflow, new edit-while-capture features and EVS Hi and Lo-res file transfers to Avid ISIS® storage for quicker editing operations.

Both companies are unveiling a range of advanced applications and interfacing solutions aiming to optimize media interchange between live production and post-production operations in various broadcast and production environments, providing the industry’s fastest and most efficient workflow operations.

“EVS’ integration with Avid solutions will enable our customers to work more efficiently – all while gaining a more powerful workflow environment,” said Michael Madden, vice president of Integrated Media Enterprises, Avid.  “Our customers are always looking for – and deserve – the most optimal and open solutions possible. We are pleased to be able to support this level of workflow integration with EVS as we continue to deliver on our mission to provide the most complete solutions in the market.”

End-to-End & Bi-Direction Panasonic AVC-Intra Codec Based Workflow
With the introduction of EVS’ new generation of servers, natively supporting Panasonic AVC-Intra 100 – XT3 and XS servers, broadcasters and producers can now truly get end-to-end production workflow from live capture to post-production benefiting from the new Panasonic intra-frame compression HD format without any transcoding action required.

HD-SDI video feeds are encoded by the EVS production server (XT3, or XS) in AVC-Intra 100 in real-time. Also, Panasonic P2 files can be imported as native files into EVS servers. Material imported and ingested by EVS servers is immediately available for live editing based on EVS content management and NLE tools and for post-production operations into Avid editing suites. Final edit packages can be further transferred to EVS production platforms for immediate and highly reliable playout operations. This hassle-free media file transfer operation allows customers to gain time in a fast-turnaround production environment. Because of the continuous native support in EVS and Avid solutions, quality is preserved at the highest scale.


“Our vision of P2 is as part of a seamless flow of media files through any production path.” said Kunihiko Miyagi, Director of Professional AV B.U., Panasonic Corporation.

New ‘Edit-While-Capture’ on EVS without Transfer Manager
With the new versions of EVS media software applications which are part of the new Multicam11 software package, it is now possible to start editing material on Avid craft stations while it is being ingested on an EVS server. Any clip created on the XT3 or XS server with the LSM or IPDirector controller can be selected and automatically transferred via the high speed gigabit Ethernet network to Avid ISIS shared storage without requiring Avid TransferManager utilisation. During the export operation, EVS XTAccess automatically generates an Avid-compatible MXF OpAtom file container, including audio-video files as well as metadata which can be immediately recognized and used on Avid editing solutions.

In addition, Avid Interplay® Web Services API can be used to “check-in” the transferred files to the Avid Interplay Production asset management system. The Avid media can then be linked to the appropriate Avid Media Composer® bin by drag and drop. The clipped content is then available to the editorial staff even while the transfer is still in progress increasing productivity and collaboration

EVS Synchronized Hi- & Lo-Res Media Transfer to Avid
Any clip created on an EVS server (XT3 or XS) using IPDirector or LSM controller can now be transferred into Avid ISIS shared storage with an associated Avid-compatible proxy file generated by EVS’ XTAccess, the IP gateway and wrapping solutions. To facilitate media handling and optimize network bandwidth utilization, Avid Media Composer editors can work on the proxy-file version. When completed, the hi-res editing package will automatically be consolidated in hi-res format in Avid ISIS shared storage and transferred for playback on an EVS server.




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