EVS to Present World’s First 4K Live Slow-Motion Replay System

EVS will present a prototype of the world’s first 4K live slow-motion replay system at NAB. A private demonstration will take place at the EVS booth.

EVS’ XT3 live production server will ingest four 3G-SDI feeds , while playing back another four 3G-SDI feeds to provide instant replay of live 4K video. This is the equivalent of 16 live HD channels to guarantee live support of eight million pixels at 50 or 59.94 frames per second.

In this world-first demo, the XT3 server will be used in a one-channel in/one-channel out configuration. EVS is currently working on supporting 4K live replays using a two-channel in/one-channel out configuration, allowing a single XT3 server to continuously record two 4K cameras while providing 4K instant replays and highlights.

The 4K XT3 server will be controlled using EVS’LSM panel. Existing LSM users won’t need any additional training to manage instant replays with slow-motion effects, clipping and highlights operations.

“4K recording and instant replay capabilities are a natural extension to the EVS XT3 server,” said Luc Doneux, executive vice president, EVS Sports. “We’ve been working on the first step with a two-channel 4K server, and thanks to the tremendous bandwidth of the XT3 server, we’re currently working on a multi-channel 4K server. We’ve been collaborating closely with both customers and key partners to test the solution in real live operating conditions to ensure it can cope with tomorrow’s live 4K requirements. These latest developments are part of our ongoing commitment to providing pragmatic and reliable solutions to our customers, as their needs evolve.”

EVS will announce the availability of the XT3 server’s new 4K live replay features in the near future.





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