Extreme versatility with DVS’s CinePlay

DVS will be introducing its new versatile video board CinePlay at NAB 2012, which complements DVS’s existing product line perfectly. Renowned manufacturers all over the world integrate DVS video boards into their high-end products to fuel first-class film and video processing. With the launch of CinePlay, DVS is expanding the fields of applications of its video boards from the post-production high-end presentation market to include advertising and events. This way, CinePlay is not only perfectly suited for customers who want to develop a cinema player that will play out material as specified by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) but also to output high-quality commercials as well as for use in the event market – all areas that require the quality of JPEG2000-compressed material.

Equipped with two HD-SDI inputs, two HDMI links and powerful decompression hardware, a single CinePlay can play out 3D material in 2K at 24 fps per eye per second. The video board has been specially designed to work with JEPG2000 compressed material as well as uncompressed data. On top of decompression, the board carries out RSA and AES128 decryption and link encryption. This way, MXF files can be played out in real time without any time-consuming pre-processing. CinePlay manages RGB, YUV, or X’Y’Z’ color spaces and runs all the necessary color-space conversions in real time.

Juergen Heger, Senior Product Manager at DVS: “CinePlay allows integrators to build cinema players with ease. Our long-standing experience of encoding Digital Cinema Packages with our DI workstation CLIPSTER® has largely contributed to the development of CinePlay.”




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