FilmLight adds new products at NAB 2012

At NAB 2012, FilmLight will underscore the central role colour occupies in file-based film and television workflows by demonstrating innovative solutions for seamlessly managing and manipulating colour at every stage in the production pipeline.

FilmLight’s groundbreaking Baselight Editions make the world’s most powerful colour grading toolset directly available to editors and VFX artists and provide the tightest integration between grading, editorial and VFX available. Baselight for Apple Final Cut Pro 7 already makes this possible and new for NAB will be Baselight for Nuke and a preview of the much anticipated Baselight for Avid Media Composer.

FilmLight will also feature Baselight 4.3, the latest version of its award-winning grading software. Baselight 4.3 has many powerful, new features and represents a major advance in terms of responsiveness and productivity. Paired with the Blackboard 2 console, it sets the standard for colour grading and finishing. Facilitating real-time, multi-layered colour grading in 4K and beyond and seamless exchange of timeline grading data with Baselight Editions, Baselight 4.3 is grading without compromise.

In an NAB first, FilmLight will introduce FLIP, a new, real time image processing product that lets the creative production team design looks in pre-production and apply and refine them on the set. Employing a powerful, Baselight GPU renderer with Truelight Colour Management, FLIP can create and store an unlimited number of pre-set looks and spatial filters which can then be applied and refined in real time on set. Directors and cinematographers will be able to set exactly the ‘look’ they want before shooting begins, refine it on set and save the grade so that it can be applied to dailies and other downstream processes.

At the next stage of the process FilmLight will debut its all new near-set dailies solution, Baselight Transfer. Baselight Transfer is a fully featured real-time, 4K dailies processing system that supports all of the latest digital cinema cameras, including Sony F65, Arri Alexa and Red Epic. It is a production-proven solution that was recently used in an F65 4K ACES workflow for M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth. Baselight Transfer also offers automatic colour matching between on-set grading data from FLIP and raw camera footage ensuring absolute integrity with the ‘look’ captured on-set.

Finally, FilmLight will have a technology preview of FLUX – the open, scalable data management platform. Specifically designed for the requirements of the post-production industry, this is data wrangling for today’s complex productions of 100:1 shooting ratios and 1000+ VFX shots.




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