Final Cut Pro X gets first big update, and a free trial

Apple has updated its radically altered video editing application Final Cut X by releasing version 10.0.1, bringing along with it a 30 day trial and XML support, along with a host of other changes.

The addition of XML support is arguably the biggest boon to those editors using legacy systems and projects in conjunction with the new Final Cut. It will allow them to import older projects and work with other tools that provide them access to more involved special effects and color grading workflows, like DaVinci Resolve and CatDV.

In addition, the new version adds support for Xsan, a system for sharing giant video files across a network quickly. They have also added media stem exporting and a Roles tag. This allows you to label clips then export a single multitrack file or separate stems based on your tags

There is also a host of other tweaks like custom starting timecodes, GPU-accelerated exporting, a Camera Import SKD and full-screen Lion support.

Many of the additions came from user requests, Richard Townhill, Apple’s Senior Director of Applications Marketing, told The Loop. ”We got a lot of feedback from our professional users. We listened to the pros and have taken their top feature requests and put them in this update.”

Apple is also giving users the chance to check out Final Cut Pro X before committing, as it is now offering a 30-Day trial. Says Townhill: “we are giving people the opportunity to see for themselves how powerful, amazing and revolutionary Final Cut Pro is.”

Apple also recently relented on its initial stance of not selling the older version and began offering the old Final Cut Studio directly over an 800 number to those interested in purchasing it.

You can download the trial now from Apple or grab the update to Final Cut Pro X in the Mac App Store.





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