FloLight Stretches The MicroBeam 1024 Into The MicroBeam 1024LP

The new MicroBeam 1024LP possesses all of the great features of the MicroBeam 1024, but puts it into a much more accessible form. Now, with a slim rectangular shape, the MicroBeam 1024LP gives you all 1,024 LEDs in a package that can be used in a wider variety of places. The LP in ‘1024 LP’ stands for low profile, and that’s exactly what this thinner model does best. Its size and shape allows it to be placed where the original cannot due to its shape. The MicroBeam 1024LP can be placed in many areas that its large square counterpart cannot, such as low ceilings, conference rooms, and any other place without room for a 1×1 light.

If you’ve found the MicroBeam 1024 doesn’t fit your production, then the MicroBeam 1024LP is the perfect alternative.



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