Grass Valley Expands Capability of MediaFUSE

Grass Valley has unveiled the latest version of its MediaFUSE (v2.0) Content Re-purposing and Multi-distribution System: a hardware and software platform that facilitates faster turn-around time for getting content to the Web and mobile devices for on-demand delivery.

The new version empowers TV broadcasters and all multi-platform content providers to automatically convert linear content and stream it live using Flash, HLS-5 (for HTML-5), and Windows Media formats. Each format can feed multiple streams that can contain unique ads and content, replaced automatically, on-the-fly. All major consumption devices, such as the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Google Android can have their own customized stream.

MediaFUSE is targeted at all multimedia content producers. Current and new Grass Valley Ignite customers can easily replace embargoed content and ads in the live stream, and can enjoy instantaneous segmentization of clips to frame accuracy. In addition, MediaFUSE is for broadcasters that produce new content and want to streamline the process of delivering it to the Web and mobile devices; and for content producers who stream live events and want to improve the processes for managing on-demand content on the Web and mobile sites.

“MediaFUSE has allowed a variety of content providers to streamline their existing workflows and get content out to the public quickly,” Scott Murray, Senior Vice President, Live Production Solutions at Grass Valley. “In fact, MediaFUSE users are finding that their existing Web and content staff can process up to five times more content than before they purchased their MediaFUSE system. This has helped them support a variety of distribution platforms with the same content they are producing for a traditional TV channel which increases their bottom line.”

The new v2.0 platform features a number of new tools that allow non-technical users to create, mark-up, edit and process video, text, still images, and other multimedia elements using an end-to-end content repurposing and multi-distribution workflow that replaces inefficient manual tools and processes.

These new capabilities include:

•    Dynamic live streaming with content replacement in Flash, HLS-5, and Windows Media.

•    Integration with traffic systems for managing and measuring on-line live streaming ad campaigns using unique ads for each streaming publication point.

•    MediaFUSE ShowBUILDER which makes it easy to assemble individual clips or files (like highlights created by the Grass Valley K2 Dyno™ Production Assistant) into highlight montage “shows” with pre and post-rolls, interstitial ads and other content – all with absolutely no video editing experience required.

•    Smart MediaFUSE Watchfolders – Drag and drop locations that can be programmed to automatically process content by adding or reading metadata, transcoding into as many formats as required, and automatically either delivering content for distribution, or holding it for additional mark-up and approval, such as might be necessary with user-generated clips.

The standalone Grass Valley MediaFUSE FX system consists of an end-to-end suite of automated tools that allow broadcasters and other content providers to increase the amount of media available for Internet and mobile distribution while fully realizing the potential and profitability of re-purposing and syndicating localized content—complete with targeted ads and specially formatted material. The system is specifically designed to cost-effectively bring in video and transcode it for other forms of use, and does not require an Ignite system.


Grass Valley MediaFUSE 2.0 will be available in July 2011. New systems will ship with this new version and existing users will receive free upgrades.




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