Grass Valley Sees Widespread Adoption of its 4K Acquisition Solutions

Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, announced that a number of industry leaders have committed to the new Grass Valley LDX 86 Universe switchable 4K/extreme-speed HD camera to greatly enhance their storytelling capabilities. Following on the heels of last year’s extremely successful 6X extreme-speed camera introduction, the LDX 86 Universe allows either 6X HD acquisition or 4K acquisition from the same camera, and is also available as an upgrade to existing LDX 86 XtremeSpeed cameras.

For rental houses, this will give them one camera platform that can provide content acquisition in multiple formats; for stadium owners, it will offer even more compelling content display options; and for OB vans, it will expand their capabilities with a multiformat camera that can deliver extreme-slow motion or 4K images to best fit the storytelling needs of the event.

“The only area Grass Valley focuses on more than producing high-quality, innovative products is providing the highest level of service and loyalty to our clients,” said Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “We are pleased that a wide range of industry leaders have committed to joining us by upgrading to our new LDX 4K/6X switchable camera. The LDX 86 Universe will help our customers stay ahead of the competition with the most advanced imaging possible.”

A growing list of Grass Valley’s industry-leading customers has already committed to the LDX 86 Universe, including OB truck operators Mobile TV Group (MTVG), Lyon Video and NEP Broadcasting; rental houses Bexel, Video Equipment Rentals (VER) and Fletcher Sports; and professional sporting venues for the Oakland Athletics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The first true 4K camera with B4 lens technology, the LDX 86 Universe represents a quantum leap in 4K sports production. Now broadcasters can shoot sports productions in 4K with no differences in depth of field, zoom range or sensitivity compared to HD cameras, retaining all the shot-framing capability and creativity they are accustomed to with HD. This combined with the fact that the LDX 86 Universe can also be used in any camera position where a normal HD, high-speed 3X or extreme-speed 6X camera is required, makes the LDX 86 Universe the most versatile camera for any sports production. With one camera, now broadcast rights holders, OB van companies and rental houses can be Future-Ready, applying technology once limited to “specialty positions” to more and more camera angles.

The introduction of the LDX 86 Universe builds upon the success of Grass Valley’s widely used LDX 86 high-speed camera systems, which include the LDX 86 HiSpeed 3X HD super-slow motion and LDX XtremeSpeed 6X HD/3X 3G extreme-slow motion cameras. Other new additions to the LDX 86 Series include the multiformat LDX 86 WorldCam with HD content in 1080i/720p/1080PsF and 1080p with an upgrade path to 4K and the LDX 86 4K camera with an upgrade path to the LDX Universe.




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