Grass Valley Unveils New K2 Summit Transmission Clients and Servers

Grass Valley continues to expand its popular K2 Summit video server line to address new applications, and bring the powerful, file-based technology to a wider user group.

At NAB2011, Grass Valley will highlight a new series of highly affordable models that target a variety of demanding play-to-air and other content distribution applications. The new K2 Summit Transmission Client line is made up of five new models: two shared storage clients that connect to a K2 storage area network (SAN) via iSCSI and three integrated storage servers.

The Grass Valley K2 Summit Transmission clients and servers are based upon the proven K2 Summit platform, but have been optimized to meet the specific needs of transmission/play-to-air environments.


The features of the new K2 Summit Transmission Clients include: up to four SD/HD configurable channels (MPEG-2 encoding up to 50 Mb/s); up to 16 TB of internal storage; agile playback of DV and MPEG-2 formats; up/down/cross conversion; built in file interchange using GXF, MXF, QuickTime, and AVI formats; and up to 16 tracks of audio I/O per video channel. Since they are an extension of the K2 family they are supported by a broad range of Grass Valley applications and third-party automation and asset management solutions.

“The K2 Summit architecture has been designed from the ground up to be flexible and support a variety of applications that help streamline the production, file sharing, and program delivery processes,” said Charlie Dunn, Senior Vice President of Editing, Servers, and Storage for Grass Valley. “These new transmission models bring all the features and reliability of the K2 Summit and the K2 Media Server and Storage families to the world of content distribution, but are competitively priced to reach a wide range of content distributors and file-based playout facilities.”




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